The project «Nebohod»


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The project «Nebohod»

This construction can be done in a balloon, but you can build as conventional stationary wind turbines or rooftop. The original design of the balloon, airship and at the same time a source of alternative energy - grid-balloon, the airship "Nebohod" - a combination of aircraft, wind turbines and solar concentrator in one design.

Such a system is more mobile in a balloon and carries a function that can not perform land wind turbines. This is an excellent alternative to conventional aircraft, windmills and solar cells, has several advantages. Airships of the new generation of "Nebohod " can be applied as a vehicle for entertainment, tourism, advertising, transportation is very bulky goods, installation works and a variety of other assignments.

Stationary vetrosolnechnaya grid-type "Nebohod" can be used for additional power supply or ground, producing both heat and electricity for irrigation in agriculture and to prevent forest fires. It will be more effective and safer than conventional wind turbines of today through the use of an innovative wind turbine rotor gorizontalnoosevogo drum and use duct system confusor. Plus geliokontsentratory that will give the thermal energy that can be dedicated to heating or twisting the same generator as the wind turbine. For such a power does not exist the concept of calm, even if you do not pick it up in a balloon, a balloon although it would be much more efficient. More information can be read on the site of the project "Nebohod".

€ 100.000




Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: Business ideaPayback: 2 year
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23 June 2013
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