The project is a multi-storey car park at the gated 2,256 parking spaces


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The project is a multi-storey car park at the gated 2,256 parking spaces

Explanatory Note

The project is a multi-storey car park at the gated 2,256 parking spaces

(Investment multistory parking)  

Conceptual design of a multi-storey car park with closed-engineered construction in Russia in accordance with the terms of reference approved by the customer, as well as for any other country in the world.

Initial data on the conditions of construction:

  • Approximate lifetime of at least 50 years of age (Grade 3).

  • Class responsibility of the building - 3.

  • Outdoor temperature - 46 C.

  • Wind load - 38 kg / m 2.

  • Snow load - 224 kg / m 2.

  • The degree of fire resistance of buildings - 3 (GOST 27751-88).

Main dimensions of parking

The basis of this parking lot is the union of three basic designs of multi-storey garages closed type screw ramp (ramp).

The building is 8 floors above ground and a basement.

The building has a rectangular shape in plan with overall dimensions of about 360.4 m. X 36.0 m. And a height of approximately 28.5 m.

The entrance to the parking garage on the ground floor from the main facade of the building.

Projected internal height of each floor 3.2 m.

The projected height of the basement 2.9 m.

The height of the zero mark of the first floor - 0.1 m.

Minimum recommended dimensions plot - 390, 4 x 51.5 m.

Technical and economic indicators of the building

Built-up area of the building about 12,974.4 sqm
The area of all floors of parking, without a roof, without a basement about 90,350.0 sqm

The total area of non-residential premises on the ground floor (part-time, administration, warehouse, Service Department, etc.) about 2500.0 sq.m.

The total area of about 800.0 square meters basement

Note: it is possible to increase the area of the basement to the possibility of its commercial use.

Types of rooms

In the projected 2256 parking cars.

The ground floor rooms are designed heated protection, 12 toilets, room controls, switchboard, room for mounting, Service Department, a car wash.

In the basement are designed warehouses, boiler, water intake facilities.

Floor planning, area boxes, dimensions of the ramp, etc. indicated in the floor plan.

Technical floor (attic) is not provided.

The balconies are provided on each side of the building.

On each balcony, located from the end of march is designed fire metal ladder.

All garages boxes located on the first floor from the main facade have separate exits to the outside. They are encouraged to use as non-residential premises, for example, automobile, auto parts stores, offices, etc.

Size of a standard garage-box 2.88 x 5.74 m. (16.5 m.).

Each garage box, starting from the second floor, located at the main and rear facade has a window.

Garages boxes located between the common corridors have windows.

On each floor projected 36 garages boxes larger area 3.88 x 5.74 m. (About 22.3 meters).


  • In addition, each floor is proposed to combine 4 boxes in two.

  • Thus in the garage 48 will be smaller boxes. But to get 48 boxes of approximately 33.5 sq.m. These boxes can be claimed by those who, for example, in addition to the car is a motorcycle.

  • Large boxes can be claimed also by those who love and appreciate the comfort, I would like to use the garage-box as a mini-workshop, etc.

Toilets are designed on each floor. Total projected 96 toilets.

In the basement of the toilets are not designed.

Area toilets on each floor 4,2h12 = 50.4 sq.m.

The total area of all the toilets in the garage 50.4 x 8 = 403.2 sq.m.

On each floor designed by six storage rooms 4,2h6 = 25.2 sq.m.

The total area of outbuildings in the garage, not including space in the basement, 201.6 sq.m.


If necessary, any of the garages and boxes can be used for the utility room.

In the basement is designed boiler room, utility rooms.

Space on the ground floor is also proposed to use as a coffee shop, a place to provide services to the public, etc., which is an important factor in the development of the city, convenient for residents.

Space on the ground floor offers made ​​available, open, lit in the evening.

General description of the architectural solutions


Connection between the floors:

  • 12 stairs located in the middle and at the edges of each section of the building.

  • two 6 screw closed ramps (ramps), located inside the building.

  • 18 lifts: 9 and 9 passenger cargo. Lifts are designed for each floor in the opposite ends of each section and in the middle.

The garbage disposal is not provided.

The roof is flat, operated, unheated.

Access to the roof by 12 stairs from the top floor of the building and 6 ramps.

Natural ventilation.

Spatial rigidity and stability of the building is provided with teamwork foundations, load-bearing walls and ceilings.

Overlap in the building designed as a reinforced concrete slab, and the monolith.

Stormwater and meltwater carried out on 9 domestic water pipes.

Along the back of the front parking possible parking spaces for cars.

Possible revision of the height of the first floor up to 3.5 meters.

Interior - in accordance with the design standards of modern energy-efficient, fire-resistant materials.

The building provides the following technical equipment:

  • heating car seats - yes;

    • board room and protection offered additional heat by means of flexible film heaters;

  • hot water - there is;

  • cold water - yes;

  • sewage - there is;

  • electricity - there is;

    • Note: The proposed installation of solar panels on the roof.

  • gas - none;

  • telephone and internet - there is;

  • TV antenna - at the request of the customer;

  • air conditioning - individual, on request;

  • radio receiving station - at the request of the customer;

  • fire alarm system and fire fighting are provided;

  • Access control, intercom and video surveillance - is proposed to establish.

Windows and doors

Proposed to install double plastic windows (double glazed) windows boxes and in public places.

Preliminary data on windows and doors:  

  • The total number of windows - in 2539.

  • Overall dimensions of the windows:

    • Double glazing (m): 1.5 x 1.5.

  • The total number of doors in 2281 (in the garage, the garage, guard room, basement, etc.).

  • Entrance doors in single metal section.

  • The gate to the parking - automatic gate.

  • Dimensions (m) doors in the section (in the parking lots-boxes, in bathrooms, utility rooms) 0,9h2,1; 0,7h2,1; 1,0h2,1.

This architectural design of a multi-storey car park - a successful and optimal solution for those who would like to become the owner of an inexpensive, safe, functional modern parking with use of alternative energy sources.


  1. This conceptual design of a multi-storey car park is the starting point for the design of all related engineering sections.

  2. After implementing the section CD (the design documentation) there may be some minor changes in individual sizes, grades, or bindings.

  3. All decisions on interior decoration and color boxes, staircases, common corridors, ramps, etc. not included in this section, and run a separate project of interior (exterior).

At the stage of conceptual design of a multi-storey parking is possible revision of floor plans to meet the specific customer requirements and objectives, provided that is not affected by the position of load-bearing walls.

Technical solutions adopted for the design of multi-storey car park, comply with environmental, health and sanitation, fire safety and other regulations in force in the territory of the Russian Federation, and ensure safe operation of the multi-storey car park, subject to the owners of the boxes provided in the project and statutory rules and regulations of the Russian operation and maintenance fund commercial premises.

€ 26.000.000


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 2 yearAudience: Российские граждане в возрасте от 25 до 65 лет с н

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