The production of cheap electricity with zero emissions.


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The production of cheap electricity with zero emissions.

Today, electricity is probably the most traded commodity in the world and the cheaper is it - then more competitive. Imagine a machine (generator) that generates electricity using compressed air (from nothing) and that electricity costs in the tens or hundreds of times cheaper than electricity produced by hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, not to mention solar or wind plants. Our method is environmentally friendly - because no electricity is generated by burning: independent - since there is no need necessarily to build such a station on the river, on a wind or solar affluent area: safe - because no radiation, no harmful emissions into the atmosphere is not explosive, etc. . To manufacture a prototype (desktop) of the sample (prototype) of the generator needs investments of $ 100,000 -150,000. At the first stage, they need money to for one month time to pay the expenses of the members of the working group, the designer, the architect the engineer - which prior to making the prototype (prototype) will be required to calculate the parameters of the model, draw a diagram and determine the hydraulic performance. After that, already in the factory, the workers began making experimental model. Part of the funds will go to the issue of wages these members of the working group and the other part - for materials. Yet some (small) amount will need to provide for unforeseen needs. Amount of money  $100 000 - 150 000 is very big but compared to what is expected to result from the creation of a mechanism generating electricity using compressed air, (from nothing) - the amount is small.

That is why I decided to invite investors to successfully complete the project.


€ 150.000



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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: StartThe partner: Joint venturePayback: 48 monthBusiness competition: Конкуренции нету, так как это новшествоAudience: Промышленность, народное хозяйство, итд
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12 February 2014
Subject: Partnership for investment in the capital of a company Email: investissementpartenariat@outl ook.com Mr. Introduction we are two brothers investors heirs Africans, with a large sum of money to invest in partnership with capital of a company in need of financial support for the growth of his company. In light of the instability and political effervescence of the States of Africa, but especially with the many disappointments we have had in the different form of associations experienced with our compatriots, we have now decided to negotiate with a serious foreign partner that will help us to place our fortune or invest in businesses whose sales generate cash resources , other commercial activities of good yields or projects requiring capital where we have no liability in the handling of the Fund said, but with the assurance of making a good capitalization and this under optimum safety conditions. For all good start your trip to our country is highly desired for a physical gathering of case that requires verification of the amount available in cash in a safe deposit box of a Bank and then proceed to the signature of agreement of partnership certified by a notary or lawyer of our country. From the perspective of relationships to deal with you, we are at your disposal for any additional information you might need on the availability of the amount for all practical purposes of a good North - South partnership. Begging you to give us your impressions about our offer and wishing us good luck, please receive our best regards. NB: If you are interested in our offer, contact us for details. AKOGBESSODE.