Non network sport'n'entertainment complex.


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Non network sport'n'entertainment complex.

Main objectives:

  • § The opening of a new sport'n'entertainment complex "Vostok" in the center of Lozovaya city including a kitchen, sport entertainment facilities, atmosphere and all other features uniting the active young generation;
  • § Meeting all needs of consumers in age 18 - 60 years in the food, tasting delicious dishes of various countries and sports in a comfortable fashion entertainment complex;
  • § Wide range of ready meals and drinks of high quality at reasonable prices;
  • § Opportunities for a good pastime, attentive service, assistance in food & beverage choosing, entertainment and communication in your cheerful company of friends;
  • § Providing a high level client services and standards in preparation and presentation of dishes as well as a variety of interesting entertainment programs;
  • § Organization of services for special occasions in various formats;
  • § Extraction of commercial profit by promoting of new services to the market in the Lozovaya complex.

The tendency growth in consumer's capability of paying in Lozovaya city along with increasing of the retail trade will lead to rapid growth and demand for high quality sports and entertainment services. All these circumstances will also affect the investment project developments and attractiveness of the city.

Promotion strategy

The strategy targets in promotion of restaurant services to the market:

  1. Inform the target audience about the opening of a new sport'n'entertainment complex in the Lozovaya city. The complex offers a wide range of high quality dishes that represent the best culinary traditions of the Mediterranean, European, Japanese and Russian cuisine in a beautiful atmosphere at reasonable prices in order to attract the attention of potential clients.
  2. Attract interest of potential clients by providing of dish assortment of the cuisines of various countries at reasonable prices with a higher service level in comparison to other major competitors in order to create the demand.
  3. Form a circle of regular clients by means of the retention and loyalty program.

The main point is to inform the target audience about the opening of the "Vostok" complex in the Lozovaya city and create an image of middle prise institution with a wide range of dishes of popular cuisine from different countries and a high level service.

Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upProject status: Business ideaBusiness competition: Такого уровня - нетAudience: Молодежь, семьи, представители среднего и малого б

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