The industrial complex on deep processing of coal and waste coal industry


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The industrial complex on deep processing of coal and waste coal industry

As a result, the enterprise is supposed to produce the following products: coke, thermal and electrical energy, sorbents, briquettes, synthetic fuels, construction materials, precious and rare earth metals. The place of construction companies expected south of Kuzbass (Kemerovo region), which means that the close proximity of raw materials: coal required grades, sludge lagoons coal mines, slag heaps from power plants. Here are the steel industry, the main consumers of the finished product.

The basis of this project is the concept of integrated production of energy and scarce coke products of metallurgic purpose from cheap energetic coal by using processing technology TERMOKOKS, which differs with low capital and operating costs, as well as provide a high level of environmental safety. Feedstock is coal and air, while final products are medium temperature coke and tar and other harmful substances, flammable gas.

This coke is scarce product and ecologically clean smokeless fuel for municipal usage, metallurgy and various technologies. The gas can be combusted in a gas turbine or boiler for electric and (or) thermal energy used as fuel, for instance, for brick baking, as well as used as a hydrogen source for fuel cells and gas to create the necessary environment for Hydrometallurgy . Specific dangerous emission by burning this gas is lower than when using natural gas.

Resources of coking coal in the world is much depleted and their cost is rising. A significant increase in the production of coke in the world is unlikely, since the conventional coke production requires significant investment and environmentally dangerous.

Acute shortage of high quality carbon material, especially in electro - production of ferroalloys, silicon and steel industries. This is due to the withdrawal in the 90 years of operation of large enterprises for the production of medium temperature coke in Russia and East Germany. Cause - physical wear and tear. In Germany, the medium temperature coking furnaces were constructed in 30-40s in Russia were moved out after World War II reparations from Germany. Reasons for folding output of coke - the environmental hazard data production and lack of modern, efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

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