"The construction of the shopping center to 1500kv m in Moscow / Moscow Region"


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"The construction of the shopping center to 1500kv m in Moscow / Moscow Region"

Offer to invest in the project "Construction of shopping centers to 1500kv m in Moscow / Moscow region" under the terms of the equity. Consider 2 options and participation in the project: 1). Investor finances the project completely min € 20 million. Rubles. Investor: conclude treaties with MIR-Invest -Investiruet 20 million. Rubles -Stanovitsya founder of the new company, which is owned by TC, C equity participation of 50% -Gain a monthly report from the MIR-Invest on project progress in opening -Uchastvuet TC - receives dividends from the rental of commercial space company "Mir-Invest" -Priobretaet land -Nanimaet contractor -Building organization -Stanovitsya founder of the new company, which is owned by the shopping center, with equity participation of 50% -component statements to investors, according to the schedule -It works management at all stages of project interactions with state agencies in the field of construction -Gain dividends from renting retail space Gen.podryadchik: -component project budget -It construction of the facility -TTS Reports to MIR-Invest and investors on schedule performance works 2). Investor "includes" in the project, due to land. Payback period of 11-13 months, we guarantee the receipt of income in the amount of 50% of net profit. If you are interested in our offer, please write to e-mail: beg_mir-invest@mail.ru

€ 280.000


г. Москва/Московская область

Project specialization


Project type: Renewal of circulating capitallType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: The business plan, the feasibility reportThe partner: Joint venturePayback: 1.2 year
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05 May 2015
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