The construction of a warehouse complex class A


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The construction of a warehouse complex class A

Respect Development Company invites you to become a co-investor in the construction of production and class A warehouse with an area of ​​15,000 square meters, in the territory of 7 hectares of land for industrial use. The complex is located 10 km from the ring road and Mega Parnas, Novopriozerskom on the highway, directly at junction Scotney, in good transport accessibility, near St. Petersburg. Gasification, water supply, sewerage, electricity 1200kW, Internet telephony, security. Completion of construction of the 3rd quarter of 2015. At the moment, we have already constructed the first building of the warehouse. Participation in the construction of the object for sale Total investment 375 million. Rubles. Yield 62% of the cost of construction of 25,000 rubles per square meter warehouse. Selling price of 40,000 rubles per square meter warehouse, the total revenue 600 million. Rubles. Participation in the construction for the object in rent object delivery in rent at the price of 5000 rubles per square meter per year. Total revenue 75 million. Rubles per year. Yield of 20% per annum. Proposes a phased construction financing. Plot of land shall be in a property investor. Hope to cooperate, ready to answer your questions. Sincerely General Director of Respect Arlyuk Dmitry Borisovich.



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