The building project of mixed type: offices and parking


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The building project of mixed type: offices and parking

The main ideology of parking: building a mixed-type (high-rise gated parking, offices, shops and warehouse in one place for a minimum price) operated with a green roof.

One of the possible assignments of the building - its use as a car dealership.

Depending on the needs of the garages and boxes can be used as offices or other commercial premises.

This architectural design of a multi-storey car park gated with offices and commercial premises is attractive primarily for its simplicity.

In the garage premises designed for repair and maintenance of cars.

The building is 8 floors above ground and one underground.

Garage equipped with modern systems of forced ventilation (smoke), security, fire alarm and video surveillance.

In the evening and night-time parking should not be a blank wall, and should be light from the windows and ramps. Parking lights should harmoniously complement the lighting from the windows and ramps.

The building should promote the creation of positive emotions from his perception.

On the roof of the parking is also offered to install solar panels, under the building heat pumps and tanks for storage of rain water, which is assumed for future use.

All engineering systems parking is offered to computerize and manage from a central location.

Free access to the building for people with disabilities.

Possible use of the roof (roof) multistory parking:

  • indoor tennis court;

  • gym,

  • café, bar, restaurant, etc .;

  • installation of telecommunication equipment;

  • installation of solar panels;

  • landscaping;

  • a conference room;

  • Exhibition Centre;

  • helipad;

  • children's playground;

  • club.

Upon request of the customer design the roof parking for the implementation of one or more of the ideas of its use.

This project is the garage - a good solution for small and medium-sized businesses who would like to organize an online store to conduct business via the Internet.

Selected structural and technical solutions in the project garage cause the possibility of rapid construction and high profit guarantees for potential investors.

A distinctive feature of this project a positive garage is the ability to use simple building solutions that provide speed, simplicity and low cost of its construction.

  Outdoor multi-storey car park does not provide identity, isolation, tranquility owner of the car. With this storage car is at risk of accidental damage, and the more likely it is stolen and personal belongings can not be guaranteed safety.

Only closed garage box allows secure storage of the vehicle and personal belongings.


The main problem to be solved in the case of this project

Making a profit by the investor (s).

Meeting the demand for modern high-rise gated parking in Moscow, including in the project area.

Development of garage construction in Moscow.

Solving the problem of parking in the area of construction.

Development of taxi fleet.

Using as a basis for transport hub (TPU), and thereby, in mproving traffic situations by providing intercepting parking during business hours, and permanent storage of vehicles inhabitants of nearby houses.

Improvement of ecological situation in Moscow.

Saving energy and resources.

Harmony with the local climate, traditions, culture and the environment.

Ability to maintain and improve the quality of life while maintaining ecosystems at local and global levels.

Reducing the consumption of energy resources, the use of non-conventional, renewable and secondary energy resources, water management, reduction of harmful impacts on the environment during construction and operation of buildings, including the local area, while providing a comfortable living environment and adequate economic viability of architectural, design and engineering solutions .



Main dimensions of the garage

The building is 8 floors above ground and one underground floor.

The building has a rectangular shape in plan with overall dimensions of about 102.5 m. X 30.5 m. And a height of 26.5 m.

Access to the garage on the ground floor from the main facade of the building.

Projected internal height of each floor 3.2 m.

The projected height of 3.2 m basement.

The height of the zero mark of the first floor - 0.1 m.

Minimum recommended dimensions plot - 124, 8 x 50.5 m.

Technical and economic indicators of the building

Built-up area of the building near 3,126.3 sq.m.
The area of all floors of the garage, with the basement, about 23 040.1 sq.m.

The total area of non-residential office and commercial spaces around 3,340.0 sq.m.

The total area of approximately 2,560.0 sq.m. basement

Types of rooms

The garage is projected 482 garage-box, of which 5 are encouraged to use as elektroshchitovogo, security room, boiler room, room controls, and warehouse.

All garages boxes located on the first floor from the main facade have separate exits to the outside. They are encouraged to use as non-residential premises, for example, automobile, auto parts stores, offices, etc.

Size of a standard garage-box 2.88 x 5.74 m. (16.5 m.).

Each garage box, starting from the second floor, located at the main and rear facade has a window.

Garages boxes located between the common corridors have windows.

On each floor projected 12 garages boxes larger area 3.88 x 5.74 m. (About 22.3 meters).


  • In addition, each floor is proposed to combine 4 boxes in two.

  • Thus in the garage 16 will be smaller boxes. But to get 16 boxes of approximately 33.5 sq.m.These boxes can be claimed by those who, for example, in addition to the car is a motorcycle.

  • Large boxes can be claimed also by those who love and appreciate the comfort, I would like to use the garage-box as a mini-workshop, etc.

Floor planning, area boxes, dimensions of the ramp, etc. indicated in the floor plan.

Technical floor (attic) is provided.

The balconies are provided at opposite ends of the building, starting from the second floor. On each balcony is designed fire march metal ladder.

On each floor, starting from the second projected 4 toilets, two at opposite ends of the garage.

In the basement of the toilets are not designed.

Area toilets on each floor 4,2h2 = 8.8 sq.m.

The total area of all the toilets in the garage 8.8 x 7 = 61.6 sq.m.

On each floor designed by two utility rooms 4,2h2 = 8.8 sq.m.

The total area of outbuildings in the garage (8.8 x 7 = 61.6 sqm) + 16.5 = 78.1 sq.m.


If necessary, any of the garages and boxes can be used for the utility room.

On the ground floor is designed switchboard, storage room, security room, room controls garage.

In the basement is designed boiler.

Space on the ground floor is also proposed to use as a coffee shop, a place to provide services to the public, etc., which is an important factor in the development of the city, convenient for residents.

Space on the ground floor offers made ​​available, open, lit in the evening.

In the center of the building, starting with 5 and 8 floor designed office space. Office space on each floor of 775 sq.m.

Basement is proposed to use mainly as a storage space for the placement of communications.

Note: one of the possible assignments of the building - its use as a car dealership.

General description of the architectural solutions

Connection between the floors:

  • the three stairs: two staircases located at opposite ends of the building and the stairs located in the middle from the back of the facade;

  • two closed curved ramps, also located at the opposite ends of the building.

  • 5 lifts: 3 cargo and two passenger. Lifts are designed for each floor in the opposite ends of the building and a lift - in the middle of the building. Perhaps designing additional elevators to service the office part of the building.

The garbage disposal is not provided.

The roof is flat, operated, unheated.


  • It is proposed landscaping of the roof with the possibility of putting parts of it in the lease.

  • Possible revision of the draft parking partially operated roof.

  • If the construction project is supposed to parking in a warm climate, for example, near the sea, there is no reason to forget about the possibility to use the roof parking.

There are three exits on the roof of the stairs from the top floor of the building.

Ventilation natural and forced ventilation.

The total number of ducts of the building 8.

Spatial rigidity and stability of the building is provided with teamwork foundations, load-bearing walls and ceilings.

Overlap in the building designed as a reinforced concrete slab, and the monolith.

Stormwater and meltwater carried out on two domestic water pipes.

Along the back of the front parking possible parking spaces for cars.

Possible revision of the height of the first floor up to 3.5 meters.

Interior - in accordance with the design standards of modern energy-efficient, fire-resistant materials.

€ 6.800.000


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 2 yearAudience: Российские граждане в возрасте от 25 до 65 лет с н

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