Super Mega Project Varna 2013


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Super Mega Project Varna 2013

Super Mega Project 2013 Varna in Bulgaria from the investor seeking a strategic Russian - for the project.

Need Investment: 800,000,000 -1,000,000,000 euros. The market value of the project, land and real estate under construction serialization: 1.600.000.000 - euros - 150% garantsiya providing investment the investor in property, state guarantees, etc.

Possibility of 50-60% especially in Return of Investment Funds Euro.

Mega project to transform the city of Varna in the tourist metropolis and an attractive destination for tourism and business throughout the year.

The original concept of the project REMTECHSTROY GROUP:

Includes the following innovative projects under:
I. VIP - ISLAND - 6 Stars ****** Yacht Black Sea port, harbor, hotels, etc.:

II. VIP project - Naval Station VARNA:

III. International Business Center and Rosia Hotel - 6 Stars - VARNA ******

IV. European Trade Center Rosija-Bulgaria.
Chamber of Commerce to represent companies and manufacturers of Russia in Bulgaria and Europe:

V. Varna Ocean Dome - a water park with an artificial beach for tourists Russia / running an entire year /:

VI. Construction of a second bridge in Varna:

V. Contemporary Museum of Modern Art - Varna

VI. VIP - 5 - star Black Sea resort *****
Construction of mega resort in Varna ruskih for tourists and VIP guests

For more information please contact us at the address or telephone Moscow +7 (499) 6385869 or by phone +359 (878) 420207.

VARNA 9000 - Central Office, REMTECHSTROY ® Group

Address: 9010 Varna, Industrial Zone
Call Center RU: +7 (499) 6.38586 million
Call Center BG: +359 (52) 319980
Fax: +359 (52) 319990
Mailing address for correspondence: VARNA 9000, Well-to Troshevo, unit 15-B-40

Customer Service Center (REM Call Center):
Call Center RU: +7 (499) 6.38586 million
Call Center BG (PBX Operator): +359 (52) 319980 (8.00-19.00 * pm, except Sundays)
Phone (direct): +359 (52) 319980 immediately as soon as you hear a tone, dial ext. 105 or vnut.106
Phone (direct): +359 (52) 319980 ext. 105 or ext. 106 (8.* 30-19.00 hours, except Sunday, 8.30-13.00 * hours on Saturday)
(*) Central European Time UTC +1
email: web@remtechnology.eu

Service center corporate clients:
Call Center RU: +7 (499) 6.38586 million
Call Center BG (PBX Operator): +359 (52) 319980 (8.00-19.00 * pm, except Sundays)
Phone (direct): +359 (52) 319980 immediately as soon as you hear a tone, dial ext. 108
Phone (direct): +359 (52) 319980 ext. 108 (8.30-23.00 * h)
(*) Central European Time UTC +1
email: remceo@remtechstroy.eu



Болгария, город и порт Варна

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    Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: StartThe partner: The representative of state body and establishmentsPayback: 10 yearBusiness competition: нетAudience: Россия

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    26 August 2013
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    28 October 2013
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    28 October 2013
    Dear Sir, You can write to me directly at: sale@tampers.eu Regards, Toshk o Slavov - REM Agent REM Store online marketplace {www.tampers.eu} REMTECHSTROY GROUP {www.remtechstroy.eu} V ARNA 9000 - BULGARIA, REMTECHSTROY Group (Head office Varna) Address: Varna 9010, Industrial zone Tel (switchboard): +359 52 319980 (Perfectly speaking: English) Tel : +359 52 319980 ext.105 or 106 (Perfectly speaking: Bulgarian, Russian) Fax: +359 52 319990 Customer Centre Head office Varna Tel (switchboard) +359 52 319980 email: web@remtechnology.eu email: web@remtechnology.eu Sofia, Bulgaria(Representative office)