STEPLA (working title, it will be possible correction)


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STEPLA (working title, it will be possible correction)

I am looking for an investor for the project on the Internet. The amount of investment by 1.5 million rubles. Management phi 250 thousand rubles.


Project Description: The project is essentially a kind of social incubator. Tightly interacts with social networks. No analogues.

This is pure venture, with the possible loss of all investments, or cap with a multiplier of tens to hundreds of times greater than the initial investments.

Coverage: the Russian Federation at the start, then scaling to other countries. The project is under sale big players.

About Me: I am a professional consultant in the field of corporate governance and business development. In the past, owned stakes in 3 companies (services). Shares sold at a profit a few years ago. Has a complete understanding of the market, trends, marketing techniques. Cool manager. The entire management of the project will be on me. Honest, professional, value reputation.

Who needs: private interest (or group) to adequately understand the realities of business in Russia. Prospects: in the case of successful cooperation, consider for themselves the possibility of extending the field of investments, with the possible creation of a venture fund.

Waiting for your suggestions here: itsallexist@gmail.com Regards, Dmitry.

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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: Business ideaThe partner: The sponsorPayback: 3 yearBusiness competition: отсутствуетAudience: все пользователи соц сетей.
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