Special manufacturing process and equipment


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Special manufacturing process and equipment

Details such as stepped shaft can be done simply - in a single operation, ten times faster and cheaper

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention is invited to introduce your company special manufacturing process and equipment for cross-wedge rolling (PEP) of finished parts from rolling.

This process can be used in more than 80 industries: automotive, agricultural machinery, electrical industry (including in the manufacture of electric motors), armature (armature), the production of motorcycles, tractors, furniture fittings, fittings (nipples, nipples. ....) for RVD, fuel system parts (plunger, needle, body spray), etc.

Parts are produced in one operation on one machine and one technological progress of one set of flat wedge tool.

This method allows for a variety of details such as the stepped shaft (ball pins, axles, shafts for cars, spindles, nipples, etc.) and fasteners (screws, bolts, screws, etc., including those from 12X18H10T steels and brasses LS59-1 type, ie, non-ferrous alloys maloplastichnyh .....).

The new method is protected dozen unpublished authors' certificates of invention, replaces the traditional operations of the following five technologies:

  • forming part;
  • lysok milling and face;
  • thread rolling and chamfering;
  • milling ends;
  • finish.

This provides productivity gains in the 5-30 times, saving 30-60% of the metal, considerably (up to 2 times) reduced cost.

In addition, a proposed automatic machine that implements the new technology does the work of five traditional machines:

  • lathe;
  • cold heading machine;
  • milling;
  • thread rolling;
  • grinding.

The length of the rolled part up to 400 mm in diameter and 40 mm. The roughness of the rolled surface of 1,25-0,63 mm. The accuracy of diametrical size is + / - 0.1 mm.

These figures are achieved as a hard-and corrosion-resistant steel alloys maloplastichnyh nonferrous metals, and in any alloy structural steels.

The proposed process also provides: reduced capital costs, reduction of production areas, the release of workers and equipment to improve the quality of products.

Given the high tool life (up to 750.0 thousand parts) and a short time changeover (when moving to other parts of rolling), the proposed process is highly profitable even for small lots of parts (10 000-1500 0 items. Per month).

The experience of successful operation of the proposed process and equipment suggests that this process is currently the most effective in the manufacture of a wide range of parts and has no equal in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Proposed: technical documentation, "know-how " the choice of optimal modes of operation of the equipment, design of special devices, equipment, technologies and tools.

In addition, the possible provision of services such as engineering, including supply of equipment, accessories and tools "under key " and its implementation at the customer.

Transfer "know-how " by the Licensor on the basis of a standard software license agreement with guaranteed settings ....

On the basis of a separate agreement the Licensor may participate in the full range of work: from the development of TOR (terms of reference) and ending with the delivery of "turnkey".

To contact us:

Odessa, Ukraine, Yuri Nikolayevich Mashnevu (author of 50 scientific papers published in the Soviet Union, U.S.,. India and 12 inventions, of which 9-Th inventions ADI is banned for publication in print .... ).

Sincerely yours,

Yuri machine interface




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