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South of Eden



Object of investment - construction of residential complex, located in the village. Koreyiz (Mishor) Yalta city council.


            Object data and TE parameters:

            Three six-storey house.

            Name: Residential Complex "SOUTH EDEN."

            Address: Yalta, village. Koreyiz (Mishor)

The land on which the facility is located (0.14 ha) is privately owned, purpose - "aintenance M building and apartment house."



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Area for sale



Area of the three houses

2340 sq ft

2160 sq ft

Construction Area

500 sq.m

Area public

210 sq.m

Parking spaces

15 external



In three six-story buildings total number of apartments is 36 to 60 square meters each.

0pt; "> The cost of construction of one of the apartment is $ 30,000; market value of a single apartment - $ 80,000.


Enlarged payment of financial efficiency of the project.

The cost of building three homes is $ 960,000;

The cost of land - $ 190,000;

The total amount of investment required is $ 1150000;

The area of apartments for sale is 2160 sq ft on a $ 1100 per square meter;

Income from the sale of apartments will be $ 2370000;

EBITDA - more 1200000dollarov.


Estimated completion time - up to 18 months from the beginning of investment. Apartments can be implemented during the construction period.

  Plan one floor open plan.

Despite a significant impact on the real estate market in Ukraine and the world in general, it should be noted preservation consistently high demand for real estate on the southern coast of Crimea. This is due primarily to the unique climatic conditions.


Crimea - one of the few unspoiled by civilization and its industrial development places on the planet, with unique natural conditions including sea, mountains and pine forests at the same time, so that is one of the most popular resorts in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union.

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Crimea Travel offers more than a hundred routes of varying difficulty. In Crimea developed cycling and paragliding, sailing and diving. Another popular form of tourism in Crimea - is climbing and caving. The best place for this - Ridge of Crimean Mountains.


Winter in the Crimea is characterized suitable for climate and weather conditions spa procedures. In addition, Crimea winter turns into a small ski resort.


One of the main jewels of Crimea is the city of Yalta. The conversion of a fishing village into a fashionable resort of Yalta European level occurred in the first half of the XIX century. after the acquisition of land in its area for villas and palaces of the royal Romanov family members who loved to rest in Yalta. Yalta owes its popularity to the special microclimate. From the west, north and east of its harbor ridge of Crimean mountains, which protects it from the northerly winds and makes a pleasant rest in Yalta at any time of year.


Significant role in the attractiveness of rest in Yalta play and its attractions. Decoration became famous Yalta embankment, Nikitsky Botanical Garden, "Glade of Fairy Tales" with a zoo, the highest in Ukraine (98 m) waterfall "Wuchang-Su" and many others.


Real estate market Crimea

Based on preliminary market research Yalta, it was found that the average price for 1 sq.m. residential property in the "new building" range between 1.5 - 4 tys.ue that for sufficiently large area of the apartment provides impressive price of the product as a whole - 150 tys.ue or more.


0pt; "> It should be noted that the market has the same housing, the cost per square meter of which is less than 1.5 tys.ue, however, it is typical for the secondary housing market, a condition which often leaves much to be desired . Houses, referred to in the CIS countries are known as "Khrushchev." This market is of interest, rather, for the local population. "Party" as the buyer, whether Ukrainian, Russian or another resident and abroad, focused on new a quality product and is not interested in buying the product not cheap, which is a competitive advantage, and therefore liquidity, raise doubts.


Market analysis conducted by our real estate agency "Real Estate Gallery Crimea" showed that the real estate market there is a constant demand for apartments cost 70 - 80 thousand dollars.


Unique location under consideration in the village area. Mishor - adjacent Yalta Reserve combination of sea, mountains and forests make this place very attractive for recreation and restoration of health, and therefore attractive in terms of investment.


Most rational use of the one considered object consider building complex, including small apartment as alternative tivu private homes (and cheaper), and the range of related services.


To restore good neighborly Ukrainian-Russian relations and the establishment of a transparent legal framework to protect the interests of foreign citizens in Ukraine, was the catalyst to joining Crimea investors and buyers who previously, due to the uncertain political situation, temporized.

0pt; "> This suggests a strong demand on the part of   residents of the CIS, including   Russians.



€ 950.000


Ялта, АР Крым, Украина

Project specialization


    Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Extra financingProject status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 12 monthAudience: Жители СНГ и Европы.

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