Song of the Falcon 3D Cartoon


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Song of the Falcon 3D Cartoon

We slightly changed the song Gorky, just a little, in general, we have done everything to an excellent idea of ​​the song was made available to modern audiences.

Cartoon graphics will not be outdone Zambezia 2012 from Pixar (watch the trailer, the graphics priblezhennye to natural), not be worse in our cartoon.

The whole scenario is literally inscribed in music. All accompanied by a cartoon, it does not seem strange and boring at the same music. When you hear it and see the script, you will understand why her and one.

On the cartoon has one studio, quickly enough, but not all guys can hope for prospects, although it is obvious that with family problems will not be, since there is a great producer. Overall 2 000 euro will be a great support, and enough studio and producer.

Our cartoon will be published on disks, great 3D graphics attracts producer said that with family problems will not be also said that the investor can be found.

What do you get? 25% of the rental, how much is in the numbers? In a few more times your investment.

€ 2.000


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