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Social Network

The project will be launched on the Internet. For lots of fun people, interesting design, composed me, the flexible use of the included components. Each employed person can go into an online store that will be introduced into our social network, and buy clothes for themselves what a product to be offered. Buy tickets cinemas.

The project will cover the various sectors of the population aged 13 who will play educational games on our network to 60 years, people are lonely, they may find we have people with similar outlooks on life, or even a soul mate (guy or girl)! Young people can communicate well, book movie tickets, participate in contests and win prizes. For businessmen will be available this service as the creation of Internet - shop in our network! But this has never been to the project, contained in itself so many parts! And advertising for existing businesses! - Is the main direction for profit, as in Social. Networks are very large profit comes from advertising! Ideas very much, but you need to start small!

Similar projects exist in Russia, http://vkontakte.ru , http://mail.ru/ , http://www.facebook.com /, http://www.odnoklassniki.ru/ , but they do not include so much components themselves, their design leaves much to be desired.

Estimated minimum cost of the project:

$ 1,500 - "engine" of social networks;

$ 3200 - to create the project staff;

$ 6000 - a server for the network, which will be a draft;

3125 $ - the cost of advertising the project.

+ If you need to create a project office for $ 3,000.

To create a project can take anywhere from 1 month - 1 year.

The social network will be profitable, with the launch of the Internet! And then you can make adjustments and additional services, materials! For registration in which each registered person will bring $ 1.5. Advertising of other projects $ 310 per month with one company! Orders are creating an Internet - shop from $ 310 - $ 1600. The registration fee will be introduced to our social network pages was not false, you can not create a page of stars, movie stars and singers.To start this account will need to contact our agents. The project is real! In addition, any person may enter the paid applications, which can independently earn money for the use of this service $ 2 per month per person!

€ 50.000


Липецк, Москва


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: Business ideaPayback: 1 yearBusiness competition: МежвидоваяAudience: 13-60 лет
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