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1. General information

1.1. Information on the activities of the company, its history. Limited Liability Company "Orion Real Estate" (the Agency "Orion Real Estate") was created, the 04/13/2011 (Location: St. Petersburg, ul. Rubinstein, 20, of. 301, of. 302), it was the successor of the previously created entity. In general, the market is already 3 years old. Initially, we placed the funds in the range of 15 million rubles, to date, the amount of loans disbursed through the agency of over 400 million rubles. Allocate funds - the money the investment group, which consists of a few investors willing to lend to individuals and legal entities secured by real estate which is in their possession or in the ownership of affiliated persons connected with them.

1.2. The proposed use of funds, including the expected economic results. The raised funds will be used to provide interest-bearing loans to individuals and legal entities for a period of 1 month to 1 year, with possible further prolongation for the same term, if the proper fulfillment of the conditions of the loan agreement by the Borrower. Expected economic performance: investor's income from the deals reached an average of 48 - 60% per annum, with the commission of the Agency is 20% of the income of the investor.

1.3. Management objectives The main objective of the Agency's management of the Agency to date - to attract new foreign investors as the main source of loans to individuals and legal entities and, consequently, increase the size and placement of the profits. The company planned to open a pawnshop real estate in 35 cities of Russia. According to our calculations, the opening of the branch and the organization of working process in a different city will take 4 months. In parallel, you can open multiple locations. Thus, if the necessary investment of money, 35 branches will be opened gradually over 3 years.The need for investment (when placed in a year) - about one billion rubles for accommodation in St. Petersburg (saturation point for the city)

2. A market in which the company operates. Competition. To date, the financial market (including the financial market of St. Petersburg) offers a lot of different (usually smaller) private investors willing to lend to prospective clients. Their main disadvantages are: • a small limit of funds granted bail subject (10-30% of the cost) • • resource constraints limited the number of applications in use • taken into account the limitations elderly borrowers, the presence of the registered minor children and the elderly in pledged objects, shared ownership, the remoteness of the objects • lack of legal shell of • the lack of professional working groups (managers, lawyers, collectors, agents) • lack of well-developed schemes providing cash, leading to losses or lost profits (delay, denial of registration pledge agreements) Strengths of our Agency: • an established process for receipt of applications • flexibility and compromise in decision-making on lending, which is caused by monetary stabilization fund for the Agency. • fully debugged process • lending a professional and experienced staff of The Agency, "Orion Real Estate" today at the St. Petersburg market is not strong competitors.

3. Requirements for borrowers and real estate. The structure of the transaction. Options for payment. The main participants. The algorithm deals. Risks and guarantees. 3.1. Requirements for Borrowers and mortgagor: Borrowers: capable and personable citizens that are not wanted in real time, the mortgagor: capable and personable citizens who own property registered to them that are not wanted, without the presence of large open-executive productions

3.1.1 Type of Borrowers:

• Ordinary people with no formal employment due to lack of supporting documentation of salary are not able to get a bank loan

• Borrowers with small official salary • Borrowers with bad credit history

• Debtors are banks, urgently looking for an opportunity lending

• start-up entrepreneurs who believe in simplicity and genius of his craft

• People trapped in a difficult life situation and urgently in need of money (health issues, lobbying, dispute resolution ..)

• Entrepreneurs who take money to cover the current cash shortages

• Heirs 'freeloader' fraudsters

3.2. Requirements for the property: Objects provided in support: not going to demolish the house, having a clear demand and appearance; allocated share (ie, assigned to rooms), ground with a clear status and demand. The requirements spelled by: prescription minor children and the elderly in the objects are not the reason for the refusal of such a facility is provided in the loan, but because the risks of such a transaction increases, we use a larger discount in determining the potential for issuance of the loan amount.

3.2.2. Type of Object:

• Rooms, shares in apartments

• Offices • Shops, pedestals, vaults

• Buildings

• Areas

• Garden Home

• Homes size of loans, depending on the category of software: Table number 1 Category ensure loan amount, in% of the liquidation value of assets accepted as collateral Highly facilities (apartments, commercial premises (60 sq.m), which can be implemented within 1 months): 80 Objects with an average degree of liquidity (from 60 sq. km.m - the standard objects), the realization of which will take 2 - 3 months Rooms 50-60 Land 30 Residences 30 The residual value is determined by the specialists of our Agency evaluators independently, without resorting to third-party appraisal companies, which speeds up the process of granting loans, reduces costs the transaction, and also eliminates the risks of over-estimation of objects. Appraisers to our agency's real estate market has been well studied, the implementation of embedded objects have to deal constantly with an estimated value of the property is completely objective.

3.3. The main participants in the transaction:

1. Investor (aka the Lender);

2. Borrower - the customer who wishes to obtain a loan

3. Mortgagor - borrower or affelirovannoe person (s) have to Borrower, with the existing software;

4. Notary - the guarantor of law and fact of the transaction (loan agreement and is a mortgage, which is signed in his presence);

5. The agency "Orion Real Estate" - Attorney - operator of the process: a deal is from the time the client until the repayment of the loan or sale of the mortgaged property, the process of organizing and implementing all the necessary calculations;

6. Office of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography (FRS) - the body carrying out state registration of the mortgage contract.

3.4. The algorithm of Business:

1. Receiving requests from the client;

2. Analysis of the documents (passport and provide proof of ownership of property, provision of supporting documents - certificates of income, questionnaires, etc. not required);

3. Testing and evaluation by experts of the object of the Agency;

4. Checking a potential borrower;

5. Meeting with the Borrower, the agreement with the notary the time of the transaction;

6. The deal. Issuance (transfer) of the loan or the loan is fully at the time of the transaction if the amount of small (up to 1.5 million rubles in St. Petersburg), the issuance of a loan made at the time of contract signing. Amounts in excess of 1.5 million rubles preferably distributed after the state registration of the mortgage contract.However, many borrowers need to issue the entire amount requested at once, at the time of contract signing. We are going to the conditions of our customers, it being understood that this transaction represents for us an increased risk. Such issuance shall entirely the responsibility of the agency. The Agency shall guarantee to investors that if the pledge is not registered and can not be registered (because of the seizure, the existing burden, detect fraud by the borrower and others), the return of investors' funds will be made by the Agency. These risks we accept. The transaction occurs in the presence of: Borrower's authorized representative of the Agency, notary public (compulsory), the presence of the Investor at the time of the transaction is not mandatory, but if desired, the Investor may be present on the transaction personally.

7. Submission of documents for registration in the FRS. Currently, it is desirable that the funds were transferred by means of transfer. When submitting documents to the FRS must attach a copy of the payment order or an extract from the account or statement of the borrower for the money.

8. Preparation of registered documents. Lending (the remaining amount of the loan - with the standard situation where the client was no need to obtain funds immediately at the time of the transaction (contract signing).

9. The monthly interest payment by the Borrower shall be effected by transferring funds to the account of the Agency, which, in turn, within 2 working days, according to the contract of agency entered into with the investor shall transfer the said sum, less 20% On remuneration, on account of the Investor .

10.Principal repayment is the borrower:

a) at the end of the term of the loan agreement (listing the loan amount on account of the Investor)

b) ensure the implementation of the Agency

(In case of delay of more than 2 months), and transfer the proceeds of the loan amount under the contract - to the account of the Investor, the proceeds the amount of interest and penalties - the settlement of the Agency, with a further transfer, according to the contract of agency, the account of the Investor is allowed to repay the principal parts, during the term of the loan agreement, in which case interest is recalculated. Moratorium on the early repayment - 1 month. 3.5. Documents prepared for transactions

1. Loan agreement with a simultaneous guarantee of

2. Applications for funds

3. Consent of the spouses on the loan / mortgage

4. Obligations prescribed in the apartment for voluntary withdrawal from registration, in the event of foreclosure of the subject 3.6. Legality of transactions in the project, we are guided by the following laws: 1. Federal mortgage "On Mortgage (mortgage)", 2. The Civil Code of Art. 334 to Art. 356 (deposit) 3. The Civil Code of Art. 807 to Art. 813 (loan) 4. Yield transactions. Assessment of the repayment of loans. Coverage of risks.

4.1. Interest rates on the loan agreement. The interest rate on loans provided by the differential, it may be, and from 3 to 10% per month (or 36 to 120% APR). The main factors affecting the installation of the interest rate are: - the life of the loan (the shorter it is, the higher rate) - speed of delivery of funds (one of the main advantages of our project is the fact that nowhere client, except in a pawnshop, not receive one, two, three, ten million the day after the filing of the application, increasing the cost of funds). - The conditions of the loan (meaning, it happens before or after the state registration of the mortgage contract FRS, the interest rate on loans issued prior to the registration of the mortgage contract is set above that which would be established subject to the provision of funds after receiving a registered mortgage contract).In general, work with each client individually constructed. The main purpose of an individual approach: choose terms that are most suitable to the client, selling at the same money as expensive as possible. It is in the interests of both investors and the Agency.

4.2. Assessment of the repayment of loans. According to our experts, repayment of loans amount is 3%. Interest is paid on time and late with penalties, but the main duty-return rarely asked to implement the property that we are doing.

4.2.1. Options for paying interest and principal borrowers under contracts: • Pay monthly is stable, do not miss payments. Penalties are not allowed. By the end of the contract - request to extend the contract, try to refinance. • Pay, as can be ... About three months are paid correctly, one with a delay of 5-15 days, the other with a delay of 30 days. Penalties are not afraid. Fines are paid. If after 5-6 months to understand that paying more will not, allow the request to sell an object and get the remainder of the proceeds (net of accumulated interest and penalties) • Pay a one-two months, no longer pay. How, generally, those who have not calculated my forces. Sell ??an object migrate, pay penalties and interest. • Getting the loan amount, immediately pay interest for a specified period, at the end, no buy back, sell

4.3. Coverage of risks. Penalties for late payment is 0.1-0.2% per day from the amount of loans disbursed. For example, if the borrower received the loan at 4%, does not pay a month, taking into account paying 0.2% of the amount of penalty per day, the value of money it costs about 10% per month. And investors realize that if today or tomorrow, the money in his account is not received, then approximately 90 days after the Agency will bring them back (after sale) in a 2.5-fold. The average delay is from 2 to 4 months. Delay for us - the norm, because, first of all, the delay - it is additional income that interesting to us, and the Investor.

I would like to note that the trials of foreclosure on collateral objects, the Agency was, no one within 3 years of activity. Everything is resolved through peaceful negotiations, in the pretrial order 5.Examples of some types of investments. The advantages and disadvantages. Table number 2 Type Advantages Disadvantages investment bank deposits stable income, the preservation of the deposited amount (at least within the limits of state-insured 700 000 rubles) Low yield of 10% per annum, the loss of income in case of early withdrawal of funds in precious metals is always a price high Significant fluctuations in the demand of market value, the unpredictability of the issuance of a deal to stay in the black.

High yield securities market unpredictability, high risks, many factors affecting the size and growth of income, difficulties in forecasting the market. High yield, as a rule, long-term (more than a year) Real Estate is always in price, demand unpredictability of Russian real estate market. If we consider the significant upward jump in prices, the probability of obtaining 50% of annual income (as an analogue of investment) is still questionable

Property rental income Low yield 10% per year Constant currency fluctuations, which can both earn and lose, the instability of investment. Placement through the Agency Loan "Orion Real Estate" stable high income. The constant need for cash customers. Getting a high income in the short term (from months to years). Complete the transaction, conducting all the necessary calculations and work with specialists in arrears of the Agency. Liquid collateral, at times covering the loan amount. State registration of the pledge as a reduction in risk of default loans. The use of large fines. Predictability of scenarios, accumulated over the years the process of arrears through the implementation of the mortgaged property. The disadvantage is perhaps only one, in case of arrears and the inability of the loan the client money will be returned to the investor immediately, but after a certain (not more than 6 months) period.However, if you can call it a disadvantage, because the income received by an investor in this situation, by tens of percent is higher than that for which it was originally hoped. All the time delay of his money as will "work", but their cost is much higher. Guarantees the same return - 100% (The agency guarantees repayment of their investment stabilization fund) SUMMARY

In conclusion, we note that the choice option of investing money - it's certainly hard work, requiring a thoughtful approach. Today, making money from money is not difficult for a person with a certain set of knowledge and knowing how to manage them. We live in an age of tremendous opportunity, when the money should "work" exclusively for you! This opportunity provides the Agency "Orion-real estate" to guarantee a high income with a calculated risk. We will be glad to help you make money and earn with you.

We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation. Sincerely, Chief investment officer of LLC "Orion Real Estate" Danilov Sergei Medvedev, phone: +7 (921) -995-99-48, e-mail: gold.orion @ mail.ru

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