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social business portal

Social business portal (portal name in the design) is a portal for social programs that are created by the trailer "krautfandinga" (national investment), and the business relationship between business and people. The mission of the portal engender new rules for investment in various spheres of society and accessible relationship between business and the end user.

The portal is a social and commercial, and developing areas such as: sports life, a healthy nation, positive leisure, education, young scientists and talents, improvement of infrastructure, support for children with disabilities, business, trade.

Imagine a room that fulfills your desires and gives every opportunity. This is our portal, it's all possible.

The portal is divided into blocks. Each unit will be responsible for its functions and to provide its services to the user.

Blocks portal:

1 individual unit (stage 1 start)

2 block social and commercial projects (Stage 1 start)

3 business unit (stage 1 and stage 2 start development, the availability of new features)

4 unit of investment (stage 1 start)

5 unit of foreign economic activity (3 stage start-up)

6 block leisure (2 stage start-up)

7 block access to real estate development (stage 3-4 start)

8 block of news and personal information portal studios (2-3 stage start-up)

9 block of Tourism (3 stage start-up)

Blocks will be added at this stage are presented those blocks that have already been developed, approved and ready to start and develop.

The portal blocks will run alternately in order to form a correct operation of the portal and its development strategy. Each stage of the trigger block is described next to its name. Each unit has its own queue waiting period to start.What is it:

for quality implementation and development unit,

for good marketing plan,

the number of participants for the development portal

for the connection partner portal

For high quality of services portal to its participants,

to raise the rating and popularity of the portal,

for the development of competitiveness,

for the development of high-quality trade with new opportunities,

for the development of investment by new programs and technologies,

to provide new opportunities for users in the field of tourism, recreation and the availability of the property.

Stage 1 start - is the starting block with the start of the project (a technology start, function, mission, marketing), goal: start-up, a statement on the portal as a leader, achieving registered - active participants not less than 500 thousand. User (optimal number plan development of the project 850 thousand. users), populating the database with companies in the catalog business (provision of services portal), the introduction of new activities in the social and sports culture, the introduction and development of new investment opportunities for the users of the portal translation of the point of zero income, breakeven point .

The planned date for stage 1, before 1 year. During the first year, all indicators of the project must demonstrate the best results of the project.

For the year portal fully pays for itself and goes on stage earnings.

2 stage trigger: Introduction and development of new units, the development of their functions. Objective: To develop the blocks 2 stops, to introduce them into the daily life of the participants, to strengthen the confidence of growth of the portal, to confirm status as a leader in the field of investment, online business and leisure, to increase the growth of participants (expected at least 3.5 - 4 million. Members), to increase growth base business (expected at least 5 thousand.), increasing revenue growth of the portal, the creation of its information structure. Term of two stages: 1.5-2.5 years. 2 stages of development will increase costly part, due to the increase of jobs, but part of the net profit is expected to more than 1.5 billion a year for all accounting and deductions.

Stage 3 start: Implement and develop units of stage 3 and the transition from stage to stage Internet portal offices in the regions, countries. Objective: To develop units 3 steps; enter the international arena; investment in real estate, tourism and business; take the position of a large investor in private business; increase the number of users (at least 1 billion members), to increase the representation of business on the portal, to become the undisputed leader among the contents it-linking people and businesses. Term of 2.5 - 5 years. Which is achieved by: providing a huge number of jobs; enter the international arena; investment opportunity in other countries; absolute support authorities in the development of social and sports programs; absolute support authorities in the development of affordable housing; huge income.

What areas affected portal: Sport, social services, charity, real estate, international business, showbiz, tourism, youth development within the framework of a healthy nation, the telecommunications sector, the scope of investment, development is not the priority cities.

What does a user:

* The ability to realize himself as a talented man (actor, singer, dancer, athlete, musician, scientist, etc.)

* The ability to not only participate in activities, but also to make them

* The ability to safely order, buy and pay for goods in the portal for each request curators portal that best protect the client from non-quality service or product, and the company is not in good faith by the client.

* The possibility to invest in profitable projects

* The ability to get a loan, a loan, a mortgage via the portal and other representatives of business, our observers will accompany the transaction and best protect against suspicious services

* The ability to get into one of the most prestigious teams of our portal

* The ability to find work in other companies via the portal

* The opportunity to participate in tourist programs, and programs of leisure activities on the portal

* The ability to obtain affordable housing programs of the portal

* The ability to work with customers to order (remote access)

* The ability to ensure the development of your child

* As well as: communication, gifts, prizes, good mood, the best part in the events, and more, which have still not been on the Internet

What does a business:

* Advertise your business

* Participate in the best business portal Russian

* Maximum security from unscrupulous customers

* Maximum security against the negative reviews and conflicts between the client and the company, the curator of our portal will provide maximum smoothness negative

* The ability to sell, order, participate in tenders and exhibitions using our portal

* The ability to provide a loan, loan, mortgage customers via the portal, our observers will accompany the transaction and maintain control over the repayment of debt

* Investment opportunity in all areas available on the portal

* The ability to find to his team job seeker

* The ability to remotely buy from participants goods and services

* The ability to protect its reputation and ranking with the help of the portal

* The opportunity to participate in the dialogues, conferences, round tables between business and government

* The ability to participate in charity

* And much more that has not been anywhere else, everyone will be shocked by the most interesting features in the portal

What we do:

* We do not create and oppose pyramid schemes and any such kind of earnings

* We oppose between incitement to conflict situations and will keep it, our goal is to provide comfort to all participants of the portal

* We will oppose and thwart attempts to calls and fueling conflict between the parties

* We are against any kind of violence, violation of rights, to gain participants and objectives cheat, it will all be monitored and stopped

* We do not give the green light and will let information such as pornography, violence, fraud, etc.

That we already have:

* Team of developers and professionals who are committed to the project and are willing to make every effort to develop it

* Developed but not yet open version of our portal

* Developed marketing and PR portal

* Developed our first event, which will start the portal

* There is support from businesses that are ready to support the event and to be the first in the business directory

* There is support from the government, which gave the green light to the project and are willing to help him at all stages of development

Now we need an investor to help us put quality project in the network, will give us the start of a marketing move and help with organizational aspects.

We need to start initial investment of 30 thousand. USD or maximum start 147 thousand $. , Consider investments in parts, but the first part should be no less than 10 thousand.

We need an investor who understands the benefits of this project, will understand a picture of profitability, which is ready to become a co-owner on the equity that is ready for a meeting, we want to understand what this project, its prospect who is ready to plunge into the world of our development projects. For his part, promise not to upload investor affairs, we are implementing a project, we promise full access to the control of the project. All issues are discussed.

Full access to the objectives of the project, its implementation, its mission, what it will do, what is the meaning of what earnings, our partners and support, all only at the meeting.

The reason for the search of investors: we have invested in the portal by all means, but the quality was not enough, now ready to accept a person who will help us make a good start and development.

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