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Shopping Complex

Located on highway M7 to the intersection of major highway bypass, Ufa,
12 minutes drive from the city center. In the area of ??30-minute transport accessibility
population - 600 thousand, 15
minute transport accessibility - 320 thousand, 5-minute transport
accessibility - about 80 thousand people, walking - 10 thousand people
from the perspective of further development - 25 thousand people.

Excellent access to personal and social
transport. Through the site are 3 routes of public transport, 2
route taxi, trolleybus route. Free access from anywhere in the city. The main
stimulating factor for the implementation of new large-scale housing
construction in areas of backwater and Dyoma will be building a bridge
crossing the river in the White Nizhegorodki, allowing easier
the shortest way new development areas to the city center. The planned east-west highways linking Central
Zatonsky through the bridge and the federal highway Zaton \ "Volga \ 'and with the road
"Ural" under construction on the tunnel and the bridge over the river. Ufa

Just as in
north-south direction, east-west system of highways project includes
a system of main streets of city and district level, the task of
which include the distribution of passenger and light vehicles
directly to residential and industrial areas to ensure regulatory
walking and resettlement places of employment.

Thus, in
together with the projected system of latitudinal transport links
provides the shortest access to external areas and the removal of cargo and
transit traffic from the territory of the sleeping areas, a system of meridional
bonds forms a clear framework throughout the urbanized strukturoformiruyuschy
the city. Its open nature of the space has a real
possibility of further improvement and development

With the introduction of
a second bridge across the river Belaya capacity will increase significantly.In the zone
40 minutes of transport available at the moment there are no projects
of this type, the only similar project
on the opposite side of town on a highway under construction M5-TC "MEGA".

The combined flow of vehicles on the existing highway M7
of 6500 A / m per hour,
existing road running from the M7 to the settlement March 8, Alekseevka order
1200 A / m per hour (in rush-hour 2400 A / m per hour) at the opening of a new bypass road
isolation (Q3 2011) assumed
flow of vehicles and the order of 5000-8000 / m per hour.


€ 40.000.000




Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: Initial growthThe partner: The representative of state body and establishmentsPayback: 4.5 yearBusiness competition: НизкаяAudience: 20-55 лет

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