Russian inter-regional transport company "Novum Avtomedont"


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Russian inter-regional transport company "Novum Avtomedont"

The first time (from 3 months to a year) - will require the most active and most costly help the investor in the development of the business on its feet.

Minimum: 6000000 rubles. These include: the purchase of three vans Mercedes Sprinter Classic 411 CDI 20 +1 seats Manual - 1,544,000 rubles, rent a small office under the office (10,000 rubles a month), rent a garage (30,000 rubles a month for 3 pieces), the purchase of computer equipment, server equipment (on site), the costs of discovery, LLC, IP, design of taxi licenses, legal advice, hire five drivers (at least two buses must be 2 driver in case of long-distance transport), staff salaries, advertising, etc.).

After reviewing the current legislation for passenger services, legal history in the same field, and simply involved the views of citizens in this area, I have compiled the following scheme of the enterprise.

The scheme of the company: Record Company. Individually recorded IP. The idea is that the SP is looking for passengers of the company, which has a transport. Then, between the IP and LLC is a contract freights. Under the law, the carriage is performed based on customer charter parties, are not required for licensing. Part-time employed accountant and lawyer, conductor (IP). Rental of offices and garages. Purchased transport, carried out all the necessary work on its registration, a license for passenger transport (taxis). Hired drivers, from 1 to 2 per car. If more than 3-5 cars - employed repairman and maintenance (mechanic, auto mechanic). Type of vehicles - vans. Manufacturers, model vans - Ford Transit (20 seats, about 1.5 million rubles). Selected routes, made their rounding. Potential passengers are attracted advertising on the Internet, sending commercial offers businesses, registration in catalogs of firms. Take place in the social advertising. Networks. Distributed ad of this type of "Bus message" Item A - Item B "goes to CHCH.MM from point A through point B, C, D, ..., to the point I. Number of seats - NATicket price - M "

Example: The distance path between Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk is about 800 kilometers and takes about 12 hours. Costs on the way gasoline is about 8,000-10,000 rubles (maximum). The cost of the ticket to the passenger at the rate of 2 rubles per kilometer (very-very low) - 1600 rubles. Number of passengers - 20 people. Total for the trip: 32000 rubles. Deducts all expenses (gasoline (10,000), salaries (30%), others (10%) - get 10,000 + net income - other expenses. When flights as 10-15 per month, not necessarily strictly in Novosibirsk, we obtain from 100000 rubles of profit minus loss (ie net profit). Moreover, there is an opportunity to invite passengers to land on the return journey, from Novosibirsk to Krasnoyarsk. Please do not forget that this is all a tariff rate of 2 rubles per kilometer. Rates may increase by 50 kopecks per ruble, 2 rubles. However, before increasing need to think about the appropriateness of such action.



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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upProject status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 5 year
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12 February 2014
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