Rollout of multifunction kiosks Tebox


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Rollout of multifunction kiosks Tebox

Market vending in Russia today is one of the most promising. Being in the making, vending business in Russia does not have enough participants to serious competition. Compared with the global market vending, Russia - empty. Bringing the 100-150% profit per annum from the investment, vending machines for your life paying off 3-24 times, which makes this a particularly attractive business for entrepreneurs. However, a significant difference in payback between functional and vending machines and terminals TeBox can last a position of leadership among all market participants. Entry into the market with TeBox free to those it makes the following factors:

  • minor relative to the total market investments;
  • huge and steady demand for services;
  • return on investment (up to 5-6 months, compared with vending machines - minimum 12 months);
  • simple scheme of taxation;
  • unprecedented competitive.

Among current market participants vending most serious players are payment systems, but their range of services is not rich enough for the modern user who does not want to waste your time searching for needed services. TeBox - a mini-office, which can offer users more than 25 services, including remittances, IP-telephony, photo services, distribution of licensed content and software, Internet, entertainment and much more

Multi-terminal TeBox designed with the latest and unique technology, it has no analogues in the International and Russian markets, the proposed functions, services and applications allow you as soon as possible return on investment and bring stable high income.

€ 800.000



Project specialization


Project type: Renewal of circulating capitallType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: StartPayback: 12 monthBusiness competition: минимальная
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23 June 2013
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