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RealtyHunter - it is the world's largest online real estate agency.

The service provides realtors toolset that allows them to effectively carry out their work: to attract customers, increase customer loyalty and sales management through CRM.

RealtyHunter enables customers to quickly find a trusted realtor suitable for their tasks: certification mechanisms and collect feedback from users allow us to find a trusted expert in a few minutes. As a result, it leads to increased customer loyalty and realtors to increase sales of Realtors.

What: Digital reputation in the market.

a) The system of attracting customers for realtors;

b) Certification of specialists;

a) CRM;

g) Transparent service, allowing you to quickly find a suitable and reliable realtor;

d) Only real estate database with the ability to impact on the reputation of a "bad" sellers;

e) The system, which facilitates the interaction between agents and their customers.

Service guarantees total reliability and high level of service quality. The basis of the service is reliable technology platform, allowing you to control the entire process of the interaction of specialists with clients, as well as to monitor the processing time of each treatment.

What has been done: In the two months we were joined over 2350 Realtors of Moscow and more than 40 agencies, with our help, conducted more than 40 transactions. Ready new design is described and designed all of the basic functionality of the service.

What do we do: In the near future run multilistingi, facility listings online certification of Realtors, mobile version of the service for iOS and Android, CRM for agents.

What we need: The development of the project in the run up to the beginning of 2016 requires U.S. $ 2 million. Money is needed for product development: the creation of additional services, programming, marketing, product output at the federal level, in the CIS and Eastern Europe.

How earn: IMF predicts the overall global economic growth of 3.7% in 2014. Ministry of Economic Development expects Russia's GDP growth by 2.5%, while the volume of transactions in the real estate market in Russia for the last five years has increased by 76% and the trend is growing. Investors continue to invest in Russian startups: the number of transactions in 2013 increased by 18% compared with 2012 (from 188 to 222), and the main players in the venture capital investments have earned a total of $ 3.6 billion over the past four years. Most startups, "published" on the market, connected to the Internet.

Given the situation on the global and local markets, we calculated the increase of investments investor by 8-10 times the average scenario for the next three years. At this point, we will control 20% of the Moscow market and 16% Federal and capitalization will reach 50 million U.S. dollars.

Our business model is verified on the western analogues: zillow.com (4mlrd. $), trulia.com (2,7 billion $), zoopla.co.uk (300mln.funtov).

Who We Are: A team of professionals with experience in large-scale projects. Alexander Panteleyev: Real estate and construction, sales management and the creation of the Academy of Sciences. Dmitry Cornflower: Marketing and IT-technologies, the creation of well-known on-line services and the management of RA




Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upProject status: StartAudience: Профессиональные агенты недвижимости, потенциальны
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24 July 2014
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