Recycling mukulatury. Equipment and factories.


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Разработка и изготовление оборудования для переработки макулатуры в упаковочные изделия методом вакуумного формования

Recycling mukulatury. Equipment and factories.

Organization of serial production of equipment for paper recycling, the establishment of basic enterprises producing molded paper products, and potentially a regional network of small processing plants recycled into high-molded products based on manufactured equipment.

The basis of the project is designed, manufactured, tested and prepared for serial production at the plant PIs Bugaev, VK, domestic equipment (patent for an invention? 2,129,630 from 27.051998), in part to the automatic line-6AS-3, 4 mini-workshops for the production of various items of mass consumption of paper pulp, as well as the presence of 15 - year experience of organizing the production of such equipment, design and implementation of technologies for production of molded paper products, developing methods and technologies for production of net shapes for all types of packaging and products made of recycled paper and other fibrous materials.

Operating enterprise IP Bugaev, VK has a lasting, permanent links with the suppliers of assemblies, parts, equipment and materials, reliable partners for manufacturing complex parts and machining parts, experienced staff of experts for the assembly, installation, commissioning and operation of equipment and making molds.

Predpriyatie FE Bugaev, VK ready to transfer the experience, all the technical, technological and methodical documentation of designed equipment and forms - Partner with having opportunities to attract engineering facilities, design and implementation of database technology of paper production, as well as funding opportunities of the initial phase of the project.

On this basis, proposed to establish a basic processing plant waste paper in the volume to 1600 tons per year with the prospect of increased production and product mix.
Transfer of technical documentation, technologies and expertise of organization, as well as training can be carried out during manufacturing, construction, installation and commissioning of the equipment base of the enterprise.

Predpriyatie FE Bugaeva ready, if there is sufficient funding to establish mass production of such equipment and organize the work of waste paper processing companies across the region.

Implementation of this project, as well as the active promotion of company products in industrial and agricultural production, will now take a vacant niche in the market of packaging products and continuously expand their range. The effects-vnost paper recycling will be up to 58,000 rubles per ton of net profit to the amount of processing up to 1600 tons per year.

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