Ready successful business with payback six months refund guarantee, good conditions


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Ready successful business with payback six months refund guarantee, good conditions

Business Network »bizset.biz - project is useful to many categories of Internet users, is completely free to upload your information, make business contacts, etc.

The project has a large functional short of it: - "Them" - a section for users engaged in MLM business, etc. - "Exchange sites" - section for webmasters, sale-purchase sites. - "Buy Business" - you can sell - buy a business. - "Investors" - search and offers investment. - "Jobs" - Search and job offers. - "Shop" - the ability to sell - buy their goods. - "Community" - the ability to create communities of interest. - "Schoolmates" - always be aware of what your friends, make new friends with the same interests, etc. All combined into social networks, with a personal office. To have the status of the project, "businessman", "Hitter", "Investor", etc., the user selects a profile filling the priority status of the project and other users can see this status. There is a tape, users can monitor the actions of their friends, all of the functional can not describe. It is planned to put into the project the following functionality: "Online Learning" - In this section you will learn how to conduct business in the desired sector, training of professionals. "Business Services" - This section will feature both companies and individuals providing services in various fields of business. "Business Training" - In this section, users will be able to take part in collective training video business leaders from the world's leading companies. Development of video chat for these services.

Planned to reach break-even point at the expiration of 6-8 months maximum. Our team needs a business partner. Require an investment of $ 12,000. Status of a business partner in the 50% share. These funds will be used for adjustment of interest in and to promote the project, equipment rental northern, new developments, etc. Guarantee ROI! There is a business plan! Payback period of 6 months. Good conditions for business partner! Payback period of 6 months.

Good conditions for business partner!

Oragnizatsionno legal form of the company: PE

Business sale price: 12 000 USD

Contact: Denis V.

E-mail: bizset2012@ya.ru

Phone: +38 066 409-43-92

€ 12.000

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Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: Initial growthPayback: 6 month

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01 February 2013
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21 June 2013
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10 July 2013
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26 August 2013
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30 October 2013
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