Project to install a waste processing plant with the generation of alternative energy.


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Project to install a waste processing plant with the generation of alternative energy.

The President and the Government of Ukraine, understanding   the need for energy independence of the country pay a lot of attention to alternative energy sources, one of them is the processing of solid waste by pyrolysis and gasification to generate electricity. For the introduction of this technology in the "State Agency of Investments and Management of National Projects" created state company "Clean City". Which in turn has developed a "Project-Clean City" for the implementation and installation of solid waste processing lines with a number of benefits guaranteed by the laws of Ukraine, namely:

1. Guaranteed payment by the state of electricity produced by a special "green tariff"

2. Exemption companies producing "green energy" from income tax for a period of 7 years from the start of operations.

3. Exemption from customs duties and VAT on importation of equipment from abroad.

4. Transfer of the necessary land on which the feasibility study has already been created for the installation of the pyrolysis lines, long-term lease.

5. Transfer of ownership of solid waste.  

This project will be implemented in ten regional centers of Ukraine, including in the cities of Khmelnytsky, Ternopil and Chernivtsi, which are located in the western region of Ukraine within 100 kilometers of each other.


For several years, we have deeply studied the features and technologies of solid domestic waste as an alternative energy source. A series of meetings and negotiations with various European, international and Chinese companies are positioning themselves as manufacturers of technologies generating energy from alternative sources.

Currently, using their experience and knowledge, we have come to the conclusion that the most affordable and effective scale on terms of manufacturing and operation, technology and equipment are offered by Chinese manufacturers.Manufacturers in China during the past several years, as established high-tech factories in several provinces of China, which has successfully operated as companies in Europe and the United States, or operate factories built in the XX century, or the more recent technologies belonging to them as "TM", which has not yet been implemented in their areas of influence, offering us for prices several times higher than the prices of Chinese manufacturers. However, manufacturing components, again, the same place in China.

Currently, the National Project - State Enterprise "Clean City" is ready to draft national competition as a result, which will be determined in the enterprise be allowed to install waste treatment plants in 10 cities of Ukraine, the conditions of competition are held in each of the selected cities separately.

Due to new government initiatives we want to emphasize that the problem of "Green Energy" we thoroughly explored in practice. We are one of the few companies in Ukraine, which would implement the project, based on the latest scientific and engineering developments since 2008, in a private manner. We have held talks and meetings, both at the regional level, with the mayor of the city Khmelnitsky, and director of the "power companies" and the head of the State Enterprise "Clean City" in all instances received support and understanding. To date, given the newly created State support and guarantees, we can say with confidence about possible getting the right setup waste processing plant in the city of Khmelnitsky.



Brief business case for the ten-year period from 2015 to 2025, "Green Tariff" on 31.12.2019. is: EUR 111.43 per MW. From 01.01.2020 on 31.12.2025: EUR 99.084

Subject to place an order for the production of equipment in October 2013, the estimated start of the plant will occur in December 2014 - 10 months in the making, and 5 months for the installation of the place of dislocation.(Description of the technology and specifications from the manufacturer - are available).

The estimated cost of the plant "turn-key": 14510000 dollars. USA.


The components of the gross income of the enterprise:

1. Production and sale of electric power: 4 MW (net) every hour for 300 days a year to accommodate the 65 day preventive measures

Total for 10 years gross income: 30,314,016 euros.

2. Pre-sorting of solid waste every day for 300 days a year, taking into account the 65 day preventive minimum of 10 tons of selected    useful for recycling at each of the plants at an average price of 140 euros per 1 ton.

Total for 10 years gross income: 4.2 million euros.

3. Sale of CO2 emission reductions under the Kyoto Protocol, as calculated by the international company "CER" reducing our emissions for the first four years of 340 000 tonnes of CO2 per one plant at a price of today`s offers 5 euros per 1 ton.

Total, 4 years of gross income 1700 000.

In just 10 years the gross income of: 37,991,840 euros.

Income (net) will be: 37,991,840 - 30% of operating expenses, contributions to funds and payroll = 26,594,288 euros.






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