Satellite monitoring of GLONASS / GPS


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Satellite monitoring of GLONASS / GPS

Our company - well-growing company to develop and manufacture hardware and software for the GLONASS / GPS monitoring sites. The team experienced developers of hardware, highly professional programmers, skilled managers. At the moment there are large contracts in the transport companies. There is also an exclusive supply of the CIS supported by contracts with the customer. Examples:

  1. Remote monitoring and control of refrigerated containers;
  2. Remote control cars, power plants;
  3. Control of passenger traffic in route buses;

There is strong demand from retailers - some experienced in this market managers want to work with us, but everyone needs balance in stock at least 200 pieces. products. The main advantage of our products are:

  1. State of the art hardware base;
  2. Low selling price;
  3. Faster and better response specialists for special customer requirements.

Investments are required to develop production for retail sales.

Propose the following system of investing.:

  1. Investor pays for the purchase of components and manufacturing processes for our company directly to third parties.
  2. Sponsored components and final product gets our company.
  3. With the implementation of each unit of production cost and half the entire profit on sales is an investor.

Time and financial parameters of the deal:

  1. Cost of products within the 3,000 rub.
  2. Premium retailer within 1,000 rub.
  3. Retail sale price not below 6,000 rub.
  4. Profit per unit of not less than 2,000 rub. (Under the embedding 3,000 rub)
  5. The cost of the minimum contract for the investor (500 units) = 1.5 million rub.
  6. Term of circulation of the contract:
  7. 6.1 Production cycle - within 2 months. There may be delays due to supply components.
  8. 6.2 Time and sales - from 200 pieces. (Today there are tentative agreements for 400 pcs.) Per month.

The most optimal amount of the transaction:

  1. Embedding 3.75 million rubles. Then the cost of each unit will be within 2.5 t/rub. Will need to invest in parts. Ie Purchase at once about 1.5 million rubles. and further to the production of components as they become available;
  2. Production batches of 500 pieces. per month and actively selling them.
  3. The result after 3 months (6 months maximum-Th), the investor will receive from 5 to 6 million (ie from 33% to 60% of profits).

Possible to conclude long-term contract and increase investment. The planned turnover of 10 million rubles a month.


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upProject status: Initial growth
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28 May 2012
На текущий момент проект получил серьезное развитие и вышел своими силами на достаточный оборот для жизни и развития компании. Есть первые отчеты в системе МСФО. Есть Ген.покупатели, которые частично забрали себе право на продажи нашего оборудования. Ко личество идей выросло. Занимаемся расширением производимой линейки продуктов. Как и прежде следим за рынком комплектующих и делаем промышленные образцы используя последние модели сертифицированн ых чипов. На данный момент заинтересованы в долгосрочных инвестициях, которые направим на разработку новый моделей, которые будут нужны в ближайшем будущем.
23 June 2013
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