Production of the new grade material DELUX


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Production of the new grade material DELUX

Hello dear investors! You are looking for a project to purchase and run the production line for the production of new natural material made of coniferous trees. In 2012, received the first samples of the material studied properties, made prototypes of the products it received a German passport on material furnished documents to obtain a European patent. Upon receipt of the samples held marketing, a business plan, study the market required equipment manufacturers, to get feedback on the material, including from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The new material. Practically devoid of the shortcomings inherent in wooden products - residual voltage (formats stability); hardness, which is a new technology increases to 70% and comparable to hardwoods; material not afraid of moisture; the absence of resin-preserved natural; high aesthetic properties of the surface, which together with the strength characteristics allow to carry materials to the class Delux. Application of the material. Material properties determine its scope: a mix of furniture, indoor and outdoor interior, flooring and parquet flooring, windows, doors, furniture and interiors for yachts and ships. Production strategy. Production cycle of the requirements and territoriality proizrostaniya raw materials, broken into 2 sections: 1st plot is a processing of raw materials, obtaining material and partial production of finished products (estimated area - C-Fri and area); 2nd lot - production of finished products (within the EU). Investment. The aggregate amount, according to the business plan, is 1.2-1.3 million euros. Implementation period - 2015-2016 gg The payback period is calculated by about 3 years. Ready to answer all questions, send a presentation, provide documents. Statement. By obrazovaniyu- physicist, received a good education in a famous university, since 2006 I work and live in Germany, in 2008, opened GmbH. Citizenship - Russian. Functional, friendly, decent. Languages ​​obscheniya- Russ, It, Eng.

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    Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Extra financingProject status: Initial growthThe partner: Business club, business community, a joint enterprisePayback: 36 monthBusiness competition: совершенно новая продукция
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