Production of the new artificial granite sand


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Production of the new artificial granite sand

Production line

building material SILGRAN
(Synthetic granite)

It is proposed to implement a unique production line manufacturing of building material "SILGRAN " (synthetic granite), not inferior to the technical parameters and characteristics of natural granite, and much cheaper and cost-effective in production (without the use of cement, polymer and other binder materials).

Investment demand - 119 mln., Including 76 million rubles. - Investment in equipment and passive fixed assets, 24 million rubles. - Current cost of materials and labor costs (the investment covering 3 months.), 19 million rubles. for design and construction works.

Date of commissioning the production line - 10 months.

SILGRAN - new material on all the main characteristics (heat resistance, chemical resistance, strength, durability, cost) exceeds other known building materials (granite, marble, granite, tile, etc.). Performance properties similar to natural granite SILGRANa. SILGRAN - very durable, weatherproof and acid-resistant material. The practical value of SILGRANa - decorative (painting and drawing), durability, workability and mechanical properties. The beginning of the destruction - like a strong natural rocks (granite, gabbro, etc.) on the exterior - after 350 years, for the interior - is immeasurably greater than the specified period. The technology enables a wide range of colors Silgran and shape that mimics the shape and the color of natural granite, smooth surface to receive the product, excluding special handling and polishing. It is possible to obtain any figures highly, surfaces, precision molds. Designed SILGRAN that accumulates light energy by day and glowing at night (five colors) - night lighting.

Areas of possible application

Bruschi wall, plinth and corner, construction products. (Buildings, embankments, bridges and other structures, railway sleepers for railway tracks, etc.). Plates for the outer and inner lining (interior facades of buildings, subways, etc.). Slab flooring (nakryvnye) polished, polished and embossed, steps, etc. (subway, train stations, sports complexes, shops, etc.). Specialized cells and parts. Rust (profile plate), cornices, baseboards, trim, window sills, railings, cooking and cutting surfaces, etc.). Paving slabs and travel products (on-board - straight and curved, pavers, block, stone, etc.). The construction of the monumental sites of large decorative architectural elements (columns, piers, arches, pedestals, steles, etc.). Funeral Monuments and tombstones, sculptures.

The main technological, technical, and physical-mechanical characteristics of the production line "SILGRAN" and the product

The density of 2.1-2.3 g/cm3 water absorption of 0.4-1.48% loss by abrasion of 0.5 g / cm 2, tensile strength of 120 MPa in compression, bending - more than 18 MPa grade cold resistance - not less than 300 cycles, the hardness on the Mohs scale 6 - 7, resistance to acid 97-99%, high adhesion ability to metal.

The raw material for silgrana is common quartz (river) sand.

Performance of production line silgrana - 60 t / day (16 hours). The area required to accommodate the line - no more than 400 square feet. m. The maximum peak (1 hour) electric power - 800 kW. The line can be installed even on a barge and moved as needed.

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