Production of skirts for cars premium class.


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Production of skirts for cars premium class.

ECONOMIC BACKGROUND The practice of related companies (cases) Met-R Company "Rolf Premium", which is the official car dealer 13 car brands in Russia, May 22, 2014 in conjunction with the company "Matt P" have created a joint project - "Alter Ego". One of the key activities of the "alter ego" - exterior styling and an exclusive interior design cars of any brand. Experts of studio own unique technology exclusive manufacturing body parts from ABS plastic. Head of Unit "Rolf Premium" Tatiana Fornasova notes that before the opening of a special showroom cars prepared in "Alter Ego", were presented at dealerships GC "Rolf". This company implement a monthly 20-30 exclusive cars. Khann company produces skirts on cars Lexus and Toyota. It works with car dealers Toyota (86 sales outlets), Lexus (36 sales outlets). Startech Startech Tuning studio, is now successfully selling their skirts around the globe, through dealers Land Rover, which proves the viability of the concept of sales. OUR VICTORY Our project was in the Top 5 of the best investment projects of 430 submitted, according to the portal http://invest-idea.com.ua Save IDEA The basic idea of ​​the project is the production of expensive cars on the aero premium class (Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, BMW), with the further implementation of their official dealers showrooms across Russia for compensation as a% of sales. We provide the opportunity to car buyers emphasize their status by buying a new car from the dealership more luxurious version of our brand. CURRENT SITUATION There are conditional agreement to: • the 8 official car dealers JLR Russia • equipment manufacturers • Suppliers of raw materials • A company that provides manufacturing services to outsource At this time, the project is at the stage of seed, made: • Business Plan • implementation timetable ( MS Project).• Plan process • Contract manufacturing aero products distribution betray aerodynamic car a status, sophisticated look, highlighting it from the traffic, improve the aerodynamic properties of a car. ABS plastic body kit of durable, lightweight, flexible, perfect get in the car mount regular places, and did not differ in quality from the manufacture of regular car bumpers and sills. Operating temperature parts made from ABS plastic - from -40 0C to + 90 0C. PRICE The prices of products are determined by comparing the prices of competitors and market observations. Pre-expected prices on the aerodynamic body kits will vary between 6,000 - $ 11,000 depending on the configuration and the car model. CUSTOMERS dodger target buyers are wealthy people with no age restrictions, who purchased or plan to purchase in the future premium car. To estimate the number of potential buyers was taken statistics premium car sales by brand. The company is positioning the company positions itself as a precious status tuners, which makes body kits for cars Premium brands cost from 70 thousand. $, And also produces limited edition vehicles in its performance. Customers will buy our products because: • Wealthy people want and are willing to pay extra money for a more unique and luxurious look of your car novokuplennogo. • The scheme of sales has already shown its effectiveness in Russia, have experience of working companies. FINANCE forecast performance of the project during the first year. Investments are necessary for implementation of the project = 40 000 USD The net cash flow at the end of the first year (NCF) = 532,586 USD Internal Rate of Return of the project (IRR) = 1231% Net present value of the project = 325 038 USD discount rate = 22% Payback period ( PB) = 5 months Term = operational self-sufficiency of the project starting from the 4th month More detailed Fin.information at a personal meeting! MARKET DESCRIPTION among competitors: Brabus, Hamann, Startech, Mansory All of the above competitors do not use sales model aero through dealers in Russia, which gives us the possibility of comfortable-to-market. MARKET PROBLEMS The main problems faced by people who want to have a car in your garage, individually by tuning studio: The high price of underweight, about 8-15 thousand. USD. The inability to buy a new car obvese small number of points of sale for a long time waiting ordered body kit SOLUTION The solution to these problems and the advantage of our company is a new scheme of sales through auto dealers skirts that do not require large expenditures on advertising, brings together the most potential buyers of the product. ADVANTAGES The main advantages: The ability to buy a new car branded obvese body kit can be bought in the city at the official dealer luxury car appearance High quality products Proper service MONETIZATION company chose the strategy of forward-reaching vertical integration, reflected in the growth of the company by strengthening the control structures located between the firm and the end user, ie. e. over the distribution and sale (car dealers). Winning hand models for its participants: Auto Dealer Increased capitalization of the company by selling skirts, ext. services (installation, painting sets). Possible increase in car sales due to the exclusive offer for customers. Increase customer loyalty to the auto show. Buyers the opportunity to buy a kit in your city from an authorized dealer Possibility to buy a new car from the dealership obvese High quality service is our company fast time to market. Lack of capital costs for advertising. A large number of potential buyers. PROMOTION 1.Presentation products in international auto show 2.Pechatnye media coverage 3.Vystraivanie relationships with car dealers 4.Podderzhivanie customer feedback ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The project was developed in Ukraine.For detailed information and materials of the project (Business Plan, Cash Flow, a description of the. Production), please contact us!

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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: The business plan, the feasibility reportThe partner: Business club, business community, a joint enterprisePayback: 6 month

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