Production of mead and honey drinks


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Production of mead and honey drinks

Create a new, innovative company in the soft drink market is comparable in size to the Coca-Cola at the start of the project and offer to any person to be her co-owner. The name "mead" conditional and captures the essence of the project, its foundation - the production of honey-based beverages, clean water and other natural ingredients.

The company is created from scratch, so to speak with a clean slate, no bank loans, and other similar structures. We use only the means of ordinary people, friends, acquaintances, entrepreneurs and investors.

No sugar and other refined foods and preservatives absolutely natural drinks

Participant in the project, the borrower, the investor can be anyone.

The minimum participation fee of 1000 rubles.

The cost of participation is not limited. And it may be from 1,000 to one million rubles or more.

At the start of the project, anyone can invest in the project through project loan. That is, a loan for a specific purpose, for the project "mead". All funds received will be used for the project, and 40% of the profits will be paid to borrowers of the project in the form of interest on the loan. In addition, all borrowers in the third year of the project will receive all a total of 10% stake in the project - part of the shares of the new company, provided that the funds will be invested in the project to work at least 3 years.

Interest in the project loan is paid 1 times at the end of the year

The payback period of the project initial investment of 1 to 2 years, that is, profit per 1 ruble invested in the project is an average of 50-100 cents in the first year. 1000 rubles invested let you as the borrower can get 200-400 rubles in the form of interest on capital, and the third year will be the owner of the company's shares.

Buy a stake in the company at the start of the project is possible, but expensive. Can not sell more than 10%

The basis of the project - non-alcoholic beverages:

- Non-alcoholic mead,

- Honey water,

- Berry-honey wine (non-alcoholic)

- Based drinks Kombucha,

- Maybe kvass and bottled water,

and similar beverages.

Why is soft? Our goal is not to drink alcohol society, even low-alcohol beverages and will be, and healthier, to saturate the human body with useful substances honey, berries and other natural ingredients drinks. We want our children and our children's children drink honey water, not beer, were sober, active, athletic and healthy.

Mead - low-alcohol beverage of our ancestors on the basis of honey and water. To taste the drink can be sweet, sour and sweet, and some kinds of strong mead often have a bitter taste. Also mead can have flavors added to it additional components. Often in the mead added hops, spices, berries and other ingredients.

According to a method of preparing mead happens: representations - made by fermenting without heating (sterilization, boiling). Boiled or satisfying - prepared by the fermentation of honey with sterilization - boiling. Intoxicating mead - in its production is used hops. To taste like beer with honey. Fake (improved) or spicy - with the addition of herbs and spices. We do mead representation.

Honey water - an innovative drink on the market of soft drinks produced without fermentation. Ingredients: water and honey. Special processing technologies allow you to keep a drink for a long time without the use of chemical preservatives that allows you to keep all the nutrients of honey. This is truly a living power engineer, gives a lively, solar energy person.

"Mead" - a social project aimed at the improvement of society, - a project using the recipes of our ancestors together with the latest developments - a new, safe drinks, giving a full, complete, and not devastating energy.

What has been done?

During the one and a half years, a series of practical tests and trials.

Developed recipes mead, honey wine, honey water and other drinks on the basis of honey.

All tests and trials have been spent over half a ton of honey, about 100 pounds of berries.

Tested and the water purification of different degrees and from different sources.

All affect the final product - water and its origin, honey - region, temperature and other factors.

There is nothing minor in this project - everything is important.

All recipes rechecked several times, at least 5-10.

Conducted more than 500 experiments.

Of these successful 5-6%.

We found the perfect water, honey and proportions.

Public ofёrta:

All calculations are approximate and may vary both in smaller and in a big way.

For those who require a guarantee. Safeguards in the project are the only assets that are acquired during the project: land, equipment and transport. Reveal the simple truth - there is never a guarantee - this is a myth. Even if you know 100% of the information, then there will always be something or someone who can hurt and suspend any initiatives and projects. May change the state of the market, the weather on the planet, but this project will be implemented under any market conditions and in any weather.

Russian soft drinks market in 2011, the Russian soft drinks market was as follows: - 14 500 million in value - more than 12 billion liters - in kind. The Russian market of the world's largest soft drink market takes 10th place. Market Structure in% - 37% of carbonated drinks - bottled water 35% - fruit / vegetable juices 25% - tea drinks ("iced tea") 2% - sports and energy drinks - 1%

Required investment:

The required amount of investment in the first phase from 500 000 to 50 million rubles.

As they say the larger the enterprise, the more products it produces and the less the cost of the finished product. More than the initial investment, the higher the volume will be laid blends mead and honey water, and so will be modern and technological start-ups. The greater the amount of blending, the more sales, more profits and the faster growing and growing project.

Needed for the project (briefly): - the room (can be rented), - transport (can be rented), - equipment, packaging - buy - filling lines, labeling and packaging (can be rented), - other assets, including land for the location of production. Rent is suitable only for volumes less than the initial investment of 3-5 million rubles.

You can still long and hard to describe the project, lead the calculations and proofs. But as practice shows, it is a futile exercise in attracting partners, investors, and other people. We start from a simple truth: if the project is like a person rather minimal information about the project to make a decision - yes or no, and there is no third, third and succeeding years - this doubt and inaction.

Many easy to invest in foreign exchange, inflated markets, Forex, MMM, buy heaped and often useless phones and other electronic gadgets 99% of the functions that simply do not use, often citing such purchases is quite simple - "wanted." We offer you a real, tangible project with a real product that you can feel, taste and really earn on it. We have a lot of chips in the project that we do not disclose, because we believe it is unnecessary. All in good time.

Do not waste your time (money) to no avail. After all, money - it's the equivalent of your time and vitality. We certainly have a business plan, market research in Russia and Europe, an overview of the world of drinks, calculations, information on potential competitors, but the above information is sufficient to make a decision - you are with us or not. YES or NO.

We certainly have a business plan, market research in Russia and Europe, an overview of the world of drinks, calculations, information on potential competitors, but the above information is sufficient to make a decision - you are with us or not. YES or NO.

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