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The project implementation is planned in stages:

Stage I - Production of microspheres based on perlite
The project aims at developing the production of microspheres based on perlite-modern high-tech composite products with a very wide field of application.

On the basis of the microspheres, we can produce: insulating coating termoplity, finishing materials such as quartz, artificial stone in slabs, wall panels, floorboard, stone and other materials.

Total project cost: 2,316,957 USD. (203 242 euros)
Project implementation period: 7 months from the date of commencement of funding
The payback period is 2 months since its launch

As of 15.11.2011g. this project, the following work:

- Designed and built pilot plant for the production of microspheres with a pre-production capacity ≤ 30 kg / hour.

- Based on the pilot plant we conducted preliminary tests of prepared minced gidrofirovannogo raw perlite, and obtained samples of microspheres ranging in size from 10 to 50 microns.

Phase II development plan for the project (beginning with 2013): "Production of using microspheres"
1. production termoplit with microspheres
2. manufacture of artificial stone with the use of microspheres
3. production of thermal insulation coatings and plasters with microspheres
These projects do not require additional funding to develop these areas planiruetsya by investing funds from the first phase of the project "Production of innovative materials based on perlite."

Phase III development plan for the project (beginning with 2012): "The production of foam glass based on perlite."
- The necessary investment in the project 1500 000 euros,
term project - 18 months
As of 15.11.2011g. this project, the following work:
- On the experimental laboratory setup we tested waste swelling of perlite and cellular glass samples were obtained.

To date, we have developed a new technology that allows you to get the foam glass without the use of energy-costs.

We invite partners and investors for the further implementation of our projects into production. In the case of zaineteresovannosti, please contact us for details on the above projects and to discuss modalities of cooperation.

€ 1.000.000




Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: StartThe partner: Joint venturePayback: 1 monthBusiness competition: минимальная
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