Production of cement-polymer dry mixes


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Production of cement-polymer dry mixes


Please consider the investment project to build a cement polymer production of dry building mixes in the Rostov region.
In the construction industry, this activity has high rates of profitability and a relatively quick payback.
Over the past decade, dry mixes are an integral part of building and finishing and special types of work.
The basis of consumer demand in the mix are the special characteristics of this product:
- The possibility of long-term storage regardless of temperature;
- Simplicity and ease of preparation;
- Adaptability and ease of handling;
- Reproducibility of properties;
- Increase in productivity in 2 - 5 times.

Factors determining the reliability of the project:

1.Blagopriyatny business climate in southern Russia in this business;
2.Est professionals, designed and built a similar business;
3.Est professionals with successful experience in this business at all stages of its development;
4.Mestnaya administration provides long-term lease of land with infrastructure construction company;
5.Est main source, large-scale raw materials - silica sand deposit. This is the most important factor that determines the economic and technological efficiency of production organization in the SCA area. Local quartz sand is ideal for prescription formulations mixes;
6.Rostovskaya Region and the Krasnodar Territory - the absolute leader of the consumer market building and finishing materials in southern Russia (70 ... 80%);
7. According to forecasts, with 2014. the rate of consumption of mortar in the south will be higher than nationwide.

Factors determining the growth of the mortars in the region are:

- Enormous amount of planned construction;
- The growth of the middle class;
- Increasing consumer awareness of quality construction;
- High demands on the finishing materials for new homes and apartments;
- Development of building codes and the introduction of modern systems of quality control;
- Development of multifaceted housing stock and increase his personal space;
- Development of financial markets.
Key figures of the planned company:
Nominal capacity 30 000 tons of plant mixes in a year.
The average projected profitability of ≥ 30%.
Payback 72 months.
For the project required investment of $ 3.0 million dollars.
There is a strong, technologically mature team clearly understand the market, with experience, and therefore, able to turn this project into a working business!
Project manager
Michael Uzhakhov,
tel: (+7) 928 107 2871, E-mail: uzhakhov7@yandex.ru


€ 2.200.000


Ростовская область, Россия

Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: The business plan, the feasibility reportThe partner: The supplierPayback: 72 monthBusiness competition: Местные производители строительных смесейAudience: Крупные и мелкие строительные фирмы, частные лица
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