Processing of rice paddy (rice PLANT)


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Processing of rice paddy (rice PLANT)

Rice plant

Rice plant productivity output - 80 tons / day of polished rice. This plant is located in the grain of current (3ga) of the former collective farm.

In this territory is situated:


Checkpoint (Room for the protection of 6 sqm).

Administration Building (single storey 80 sq. m).

Weighted 2 pcs.

Hangars for the storage of grain 5 pcs. (One-time amount of storage is 10 tons.).

Production hall 800 sq.m.

Complex on processing grain (rice paddy)

Grain dryer productivity of 200 tons per shift.

Electric substation


Flow diagram of the plant

Basis Cereal production process - mechanical separation of the integumentary tissues (shells) and the subsequent processing of grain kernels and cotyledons. Engineering Branch of the shell depends on the anatomical features of the grain (the strength of the core and shell, the degree of their attachment to the nucleus, etc.). Successful treatment is possible only when the grain moisture to 13-15,5%. The general scheme of the process consists of the following steps: cleaning the grain from impurities, sorted by size; peeling (separation membranes); processing core (crushing, grinding, polishing, lamination), depending on the type and grade of grain received cereals. Many of the cereal plants are equipped with additional equipment and have a more complex scheme for cereal grain, for example, after removal of impurities raw materials are subjected to hydrothermal treatment (water or steam humidification, drying and subsequent otvolazhivanie), resulting in increased strength of the core and shell become more fragile and easily separated. Hydrothermal treatment increases the resistance of cereals during storage.

Grain impurities from purified on an aspirator, separators, Trier, kamneotbornikah, Grain Peeling, magnetic devices, etc., and sorted into sorting machines. Peel grain in Grain Peeling (barley, oats), shelushilnyh put (rice-grain) or valtsedekovyh machines (buckwheat, millet), with rubber rollers shelushitelyah and gollenderah, vertical, and others have shelushitelyah buckwheat and millet shells are well separated on valtsedekovyh machines, and in rice-grain - to deliver and shelushilnyh shelushitelyah. After peeling product winnow grain husked and not again pass through the machine, then sanded to remove any remaining film flower, fruit or seed hulls and germ. All of this improves the marketability cereals, increases its digestibility and razvarivaemost. Some species and varieties of cereals (peas, rice, barley, etc.) to polish the special posed and gollenderah. Cooked grits are sorted by size into several fractions (numbers), for example, barley and corn to 5 rooms, 4 Poltava, barley (barley) for 3 rooms.

In the process of machining - especially cleaning and peeling and grinding at the core of the grain is crushed, which reduces the quality of the product. Thus, the processing buckwheat are Unground (whole kernel) and the less valuable slipped. By-products and wastes - chopped, flour (Meal), etc. are used for forage or technical goals. Low value waste is peelings - floral tape. It is used for fuel for the production of furfural and other needs.

The yield grains, ie, the number of its in% by weight of the processed grain depends on grain properties: size, uniformity, benign core content, while scarious crops (rice, barley, buckwheat, millet, etc.) and the content of the flower films . For example, a grain of millet received 68.5% of millet, buckwheat - 60% and 10% Unground slipped.

Technical indicators

At full load power plant is - 181.12 kW / h at optimum moisture content of raw materials - from 13 to 17%.

Type of plant

The ground under the plants in 3 hectares is leased for 49 years.


To ensure smooth and efficient operation of the rice plant requires 25 staff. The plant will operate for 16-18 hours a day in two shifts. Staff will be recruited from surrounding villages and towns, namely, the village Ishun, honorable, Vorontsovka, Ilinka and Novopavlovka, Krasnoperekopsk city. All locations are located within a radius of 20 km. 50% of the ex-staff today by appointment available for work.

Monthly volume of raw paddy is required in the amount of 1757 tons. Purchase of raw materials will be produced in blizlizhayshih risoseyuschih farms, they are located within a radius of 70 km. VAT is not included in cost since it is recurrent farms (responsibility of the special account and spent on the needs of growing crops)

Staff list

Position number Number of people. Salary

in the amount of UAH UAH.

1 Leader of the plant 1 4000 4000

2 Accountant 1 3000 3000

3 Purchasing Manager in January 2000 2000

4 Sales February 2000 4000

Head 5. shift 2 2800 5600

6 Working October 2500 2500 0

7-weigher storekeeper February 1000 2000

Repairman 8 fur. 1 2000 2000

9 January 1500 Electric 1500

10 Protection of March 1300 3900

11 Maid 1.5005 million

Total 25 50 900


Name UAH / month

Electricity 78243.84

Salary 50 900

Taxes 19443.80

3000 Land Lease

Transportation costs 15 000

Tara, thread 60 000

Labour Protection in 1000

Overhead costs (permits, certification, etc.). 500

Those maintenance of equipment 15 000

Depreciation 2.5% 41 667

Total 284,754.64

Calculation of profitability of processing

Name of Refinery in tons per month price Yield tons per kg

In total

Figure 2.4 Raw 1757 4216800

Rice groats 984 4.8 4.7232 million

Rice chaff 175.4 8.2 491 120

Meal 157 0.8 125 600

Income per month is:

(4723200 + 491120 + 125600) - 4.2168 million = 1.12312 million USD.

Net income is:

1123120 - 284,754.64 838,365.36 = USD.

According to calculations of net income is 838,365.36 per month which equals U.S. $ 104,795.67.

This net allows us to assert that the company will pay 6000 000 UAH., 8 months full operation of the plant. At the same time for 12 months the plant will have to process 21 084 tonnes.

Reception will follow the grain requirements of GOST 6293-90.

€ 1.000


Украина Крым

Project specialization


Project type: Renewal of circulating capitallType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: StartThe partner: Joint venturePayback: 15 monthBusiness competition: Не ярко выраженнаяAudience: Оптовый и розничный покупатель

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