Requires the investor to the project! Innovation! TV!


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Requires the investor to the project! Innovation! TV!

The investor is required to participate in the opening of its first office in the Russian Federation. Possible and continued participation, it will be considered in the process.

Plan to develop the current project:

Rent an office; hire employees with a reserve of money for 2-3 months for sn; to make a good advertisement - banner in radio; to promote the project site; create a nice colorful booklets for participants; register Ltd. 6%;

The project is truly innovative, and this can be beneficial to play, many will gladly find the money and take part in the project.

Project for all ages, so expect a lot of popularity and support, the main thing now about it loud and colorful state.

The project leader has a good experience in doing business in the past founder of the holding in St. Petersburg (tourism, construction, commercial real estate, 4 years)

Investor participation is as follows: The investor pays the bills or replenish the card expenditures, the total amount of planned investments 750,000 rubles.

Terms for investors: 20% of the company, with the possibility of redemption of the investor after payback of 200% at our request, the nominal value of 150,000 rubles.

Warning: possible risks, innovative project, this has not been in the nature - the development of the field of producing! Maybe happen stagnation and participants will not be much, but the return will be delayed, even though it would be advertising on the trendy radio where everyone wants to be a star of TV and make lots of money. If the project goes to the loss - the office closes, everything we sell, the investor takes 70% of the money received, or simply divide the furniture, two tables investor, one we were on the further development and the parties do not assume any obligations to each other! Did not work - well, okay.

Meeting appoint only after telephone conversations! Call and ask Vladimir Alexandrovich, about investing in the project FBLS PRODUCING http://starsplus.wix.com/fblsproducing

€ 20.000

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Project status: Initial growthAudience: Санкт-Петербург

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