Patch for the repair of oil wells


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Patch for the repair of oil wells


In an aging oil wells in the park one way or another requires repair casing for the purpose of restoration of its integrity. Casing of leakage significantly reduce oil production and in some cases their operation becomes impossible. The proportion of such wells to date is 80%. Therefore, the task of restoring integrity to date is the most acute and a challenge for the oil industry.

To date, no reliable recovery technology integrity of the well casing.

Scientific novelty proposed in the draft decisions on the basis of:

1. The unique properties of the produced metal Nitinol similar but with a much lower cost

2. Use as a heating element made of the burning propellant from recycled that low cost opespechivaet

3. The delivery process is performed by the patch rather than the cable pipes, which reduces the time to perform work in 2 to 15 days, respectively, and the number of involved vehicles.




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