Parking on the green zone. The project was launched!


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Parking on the green zone. The project was launched!

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I propose to manufacture plastic designs to make use of green belt cities yards as parking lots for cars.


Today it is the burning question for all the major cities in the world, and every day gets more acute. But you can not get rid of the lawn, just roll up all the asphalt. Today, as a so-called ekoparkovki TTE technology, which is a plastic grid, fitting into the soil. But it has some disadvantages, chief of which technology is installed. The type of parking, which I propose to be established by conventional vkapyvaniya into the ground, and requires no additional fortifications! That allows you to install a parking lot even in areas of communication!


And most importantly, price! One parking space systems TTE cost to the client about 30000ros.rub. Cost of our parking space will be approximately 10000rub.


The project launched in Minsk. Formally established few samples. During the 3 years in this city is designed to establish not less than 15,000 parking spaces. Next, plan out to the Russian market, where the calculated set of at least 100 000 parking spaces. Net income from one place, 50-100 dollars.


There are solutions to equip each parking space for the convenience of LED parking lot at night and heating, to avoid the possibility of accumulation of snow on the parking place!


With pleasure will discuss the details.





€ 400.000


Минск- Москва, РФ

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    Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upProject status: StartPayback: 1 yearBusiness competition: нетAudience: автовладельцы в крупных городах

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