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Park tropical butterflies

"To see another chance is not art. Art - a chance to see it first! "(Benjamin Franklin)"

For success not need to be smarter than others, you just have to be faster than most of the day! "(Leo Szilard)


To date, the level of provided services in Armenia is high enough, that each year attracts the country more and more tourists, but also in this direction, referring to the services sector, the country has unoccupied niches that can be used with success for the business. In today's hard enough to pick up a new kind of business that does not exist in a particular country, region. However, given the situation in Armenia, I came to the conclusion that there may successfully do so promising, rapidly evolving world views business as breeding and sale of tropical species of butterflies and creating butterfly park. Today worldwide leading salons flowers, wedding agencies and various offices involved in the organization of holidays and other important events, successfully used butterflies as living decorations celebrations. A dilution of Rare butterflies turns hobby into a promising and profitable business. Throughout the world, gaining popularity during the wedding (and others) to release festivities live tropical butterflies (called "salutes of butterflies"), give a gift of live butterflies on the occasion of celebrations, holidays, etc. Percentage of population using these services, according to experts, is growing steadily worldwide. People in modern conditions prefer a high level and quality of services. Butterflies actively use public agencies in major cities around the world. But even there, to find such an unusual service as a salute of live butterflies, is not easy. Salute "fluttering flowers" will look decent and the presentation and on a corporate party.In the world of decoration such activities associated with solid positioning of the company, salon, shop and is the unofficial determinant of success and prosperity. As for Armenia, there is this kind of "decoration" holidays and celebrations is completely absent. This, in turn, opens up broad prospects for entrepreneurs willing to tie its future activities with breeding butterflies.

Market analysis

Before you start to study in detail the nuances of the project, has been thoroughly studied the possible demand for the products in Armenia, were interviewed and talked with potential customers - in particular with couples who gather to marry and looking for unusual ideas to highlight their wedding of the number all others. So, to date - 100% of the surveyed couples willing to devote to "salute of butterflies" in the range $ 1000 each. Besides exploring the possibility of demand networks flower shops that are very interested in this product, and samples are already asking for the implementation of butterflies when you make bouquets and arrangements of flowers (both live butterflies and dried). Also in the survey population, about 80 percent of the respondents are willing to buy butterflies for gift to family and friends. We interviewed a large number of couples, the vast majority of whom have indicated that they are likely to give preference when visiting with family butterfly park (if available in a planned manner and scale), compared to other recreational areas. So - we can conclude that the maximum amount of production in kind based on the complete absence of the activity on the territory of the Republic of Armenia is less than the potential demand, which is a sign of guaranteed sales in the investment period. Product price at the time of analysis ranged from 5-7 to 20-30 U.S. $ per doll at a retail price for the final product - a butterfly, depending on the type, size and color from $ 20-40 (butterfly with a wingspan of 12-15 cm .) to U.S. $ 150 per copy (such as butterfly Attacus Atlas with a wingspan of up to 30 cm), With the average lifetime of about two weeks, individual profit potential in this case the percentage is not less than 400%. Technological cycle is 1-2 weeks (from the time of "maturing" pupa until the butterfly), which significantly increases the profitability. It should be noted that it is not implemented in time items (dead butterflies) can be implemented through a network of shops selling flowers at a price exceeding the cost of at least 100% when creating bouquets and floral arrangements, as well as creating panels of dried butterflies.

Marketing Strategy

With regard to marketing strategy - is convinced that being almost the only one in the Republic of Armenia and the surrounding regions of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia enterprise specialized in the breeding and sale of tropical butterflies, the company will be able to through an expanding network of distribution channels to retain the major share of the market in Armenia. In case of unfavorable conditions of sales (decrease in the yield of the population spike in the supply "raw material" - pupae, unpredictable emergence of competing firms) as a business strategy, the company can determine a strategy of "price discrimination" competitors. Such a move in the fight for market enterprise can afford by reducing the share of profits in value because of the significant margin of profitability, as well as the possibility of varying range. Furthermore, the presence of large-scale Butterfly Park in conjunction with the organization of infrastructure in the form of cafes, restaurants, shops, amusement park, etc. can attract large numbers of visitors, and accordingly - fundraising. Prices in this market in the Republic of Armenia may be established exclusively created now (due to complete lack of competition in the domestic market), so in the medium term marketing company seems stable.


Possible to argue about the complete absence of risk is not correct, but I am convinced - for this type of activity is currently in Armenia biggest risks I see.Try to explain your opinion: 1. As mentioned above - the maximum amount of production in kind on the basis of the total absence of the activity on the territory of the Republic of Armenia is less than the potential demand, which is a sign of guaranteed sales in the investment period. 2. (!) In addition, at this time agreed with the leadership of the Yerevan Botanical Garden, located in the central part of the capital - Yerevan - the long-term (20 years or more) the transfer of an undertaking under the patronage of the territories of numerous buildings, greenhouses together with a collection of the Botanical Garden (area 20 hectares of parkland with established infrastructure in the city center, on a grant basis, without requiring the payment of land lease and land taxes (!), provided partial recovery and restoration of infrastructure) to create a park and butterflies accommodation in one of the many greenhouses of the "Palace of butterflies." Territory and the accompanying Ifrastruktura we can choose at their discretion. Under such conditions, significantly reduced construction costs or rent the necessary infrastructure, buildings, purchase or lease of land, purchase of tropical plants, etc. 3. Botanical Garden of Yerevan is one of the favorite places for townspeople, but due to lack of funding it partly fell into disrepair, and after restoration and opening this new territory Butterfly Park - Botanical Garden will once again become a favorite holiday destination of people, as it is in the center of the capital and with proper planning can attract a very large number of visitors. In the absence of funding Yerevan Botanical Garden and its circulation decline (which is a problem of both the Institute of Botany, and the Academy of Sciences of Armenia in general) - the creation of scale Butterfly Park in the Botanical Garden will give a powerful impetus to the promotion of public relations project in the media Information of the Republic (as a result - minimizing advertising costs). 4. Climatic conditions of Ararat valley, where y isYerevan, contribute to the development of this company with the lowest cost of heat and electricity supply to create a microclimate in the "Palace of butterflies" (the main greenhouse) and other park facilities. In addition, the cost of labor and building materials for the construction of the park in the country is quite low compared to neighboring regions of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia. In addition, the staff of the Botanical Garden and Institute of Botany of the Armenian gratis ready to help us in the scientific issues associated with maintenance of flora and fauna Butterfly Park. Thus there is a unique opportunity to create a large-scale Butterfly Park (analogue famous butterfly park in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.) to attract a tenant (or self-organization) network of cafes, restaurants and themed kitchen with countries where live tropical butterflies, as well as amusement and other objects of the commercial activity - on a single platform, a large area in the center of the capital of the Republic of Armenia with the minimum cost for the construction works and the complete lack of rental costs (purchase) of land, and the cost of land tax. To date, the possibility of free use for such a long time (over 20 years) for commercial purposes of such volume of parkland in the center of Yerevan - this exclusive event - the above conditions and minimize the risks associated with the return on investment.


Uniqueness and benefits of this project are in several respects, and is advantageously in the complete absence of competition in the domestic market and markets of the neighboring regions, but despite this overwhelming proportion of the population surveyed with great interest and enthusiasm takes the opportunity to use our services and goods. Except for the sale of butterflies strong incentive to raise funds would be to create a large-scale Butterfly Park. Today, many large resort centers around the globe create massive butterfly park to attract more tourists and hence to the budget.In addition, the presence of Butterfly Park in conjunction with the organization of infrastructure in the form of cafes, restaurants, shops, amusement park, etc. can attract large numbers of visitors, and accordingly - fundraising. These cafes, shops and attractions will bring most of the profits, but keep in mind that "just" cafes, restaurants, shops, attractions and so much, but those business objects that are in the butterfly park will be compared to other more competitive expense of that in the Butterfly Park because of its uniqueness and the lack of similar parks in the region will come to a large number of visitors - potential customers cafes, shops and attractions, arranged on the same site - Park butterflies. Furthermore park can be very effectively used for various commercial and charitable events, exhibitions, educational programs, school activities, and so on. Also, using the existing technical, industrial and scientific potential of the Botanical Garden, in parallel is possible to organize production for growing flowering plants (including flowers and pot) and subsequent implementation through the existing network of flower shops, or create your own network.


Currently a new written company assembled a team consisting, in addition to the initiator (head) of the project - from experienced advertising manager for public relations and advertising company project in the media and experienced forwarder to search for and delivery of necessary construction materials at the most competitive prices in the region team for the organization of catering facilities (cafes, pizzerias), a specialist in organizing celebrations scientific experts to advise on the content of tropical flora and fauna (experienced research staff of Yerevan Botanical Garden and Institute of Botany of NAS RA).Requires Technologist - lepidopterist breeding and maintenance of tropical butterflies - research in this direction are (planned to attract specialists from universities of the country). Also requires an experienced accountant and lawyer - attraction which is not difficult because of the wide selection of applicants. Today the major organizational issues have been resolved, and as soon as funds become available - we are immediately ready to start work. Would be preferable type of financing - direct investment from an investor-partner, in which we pass to the partner, the investor of the shares (percentage at the discretion of the investor) in an enterprise, but other forms of cooperation.


The necessary funds for the realization of the project depends on the investor's decision - whether the investor plans to build the park's own chain of cafes, shops and attractions - or the company will lease the territory to other companies for the organization said infrastructure. Thus pre-project cost could range from 5 to $ 8 million. With sufficient funding, within 18 -24 months, the company can reach its full capacity and its financial capabilities will be able to continue capital construction, purchase raw materials and technological equipment itself, but also in a state in the sale of butterflies take not only the market in Yerevan and other regions of Armenia, but also a chance to enter the markets of neighboring countries. Profits of the enterprise will represent funds from direct implementation of butterflies, from material fees for visiting Butterfly Park, from a commercial activity in the Park (catering facilities, souvenir shops, amusement parks, venture breeding and sale of flower seeds, etc. etc.) Full recoupment possible within 6-8 years.At the moment, the problem most of the problem is a partial Recover greenhouses, where occupancy is planned "Palace of butterflies", its water supply, heating, electricity, building reconstruction Entomological Museum, the partial restoration paths and park lighting devices, and partial restoration of some artificial reservoirs. Vegetative part of the park is rich and does not require much work. In addition, after the restoration of the greenhouse will need to purchase equipment necessary to maintain a constant temperature, humidity and light in the greenhouse. Other issues related to the design of greenhouses with tropical vegetation and design do not require large expenditures, as Botanical Garden is ready to give us his collection of tropical plants, you need to only partial completion of the collection. A greenhouse interior design requires only cosmetic repairs.


Thus, the construction of the "Butterfly Farm" Butterfly Park and scale with a unique network infrastructure and numerous commercial buildings at a single site in the center of Yerevan can attract huge interest from potential customers, help attract more funds in the budget of the enterprise with minimal investment compared to similar to the famous butterfly park in the world. Thanks to the competent organization and conduct of public relations, as well as related infrastructure, the park can attract large numbers of visitors, tourists, become a kind of "tourist Mecca". On similar projects in the world today can not boast of each country, and I cherish the hope that with your help Armenia will be among the few countries. And if we have not do it today, tomorrow, unfortunately, it will make anybody else, but without us.

Sincerely, Arsene Bostanchyan.

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