Organization of collecting and processing herbal raw materials GROWING IN


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Organization of collecting and processing herbal raw materials GROWING IN


Organization of collecting and processing herbal raw materials GROWING IN SENEGAL, production and sale of recreational products based on its
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Project Currency: Euro
The purpose of this business plan are:
Justification profitability enterprise creation for the collection, processing and export for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation on the basis of improving production of medicinal plants growing on the territory of the Republic of Senegal (West Africa).
In addition, the project envisages the creation of the territory of the Russian Federation, the processing facility, which will be engaged in further processing of supplied raw materials, with the aim of expanding the range, reducing overhead costs abroad and circumvent the difficulties with customs clearance and certification.
Perspective can also be self-cultivation, collection and processing to the final production of medicinal raw materials, suitable for cultivation.
Production "PRIDE" base of the company is located in a place of growth of raw materials (Republic of Senegal), which will significantly reduce the cost of production.
In 2013, the company "Pride", in cooperation with the Russian company "Teranga" (Novosibirsk), began to study the Russian market and trial deliveries of recreational products in Russia.
At the moment, the basic, the most interesting items for the consumer, develop a marketing plan, there are a small number of regular points of sale.
1. Brief description of the Republic of Senegal - raw material production base
2. A brief history of "PRIDE" and the description of the activities currently
3. The world of medicinal plants Market Analysis
4. Center of Traditional Folk Medicine «Malango» (Fatick)
5.Medicinal raw material growing in the Republic of Senegal, and the possible types of products from it (extracts, powders, teas, oils, raw materials for cosmetics and food products, syrups, beverage, raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry)
6. Directions sales
7. The work of the enterprise in Senegal, the purchase of raw materials and technology and equipment for primary production
7.1. Stage design, coordination and installation
7.2. Purchase of raw materials
7.3. Processing technology
7.4. Equipment for processing and calibration
7.5. Certification and Logistics
7.6. Properties and investments
8. The enterprise in Russia
8.1. State registration and certification of products
8.2. Equipment for the additional processing of raw materials
8.3. Stage design, coordination and installation
9. The calculation of production cost and payback period
9.1. General administrative expenses Senegal.
9.2. Calculate the cost of producing a powder kola nut
9.3. Calculate the cost of baobab fruit pulp powder
9.4. Calculate the cost of tea kinkeliba (a list)
9.5. Calculate the cost of hibiscus tea (a list)
9.6. Calculate the cost of tea moringa (a list)
9.7. The cost price and wholesale price in Russia
9.8. Calculate the cost of packaged products and the sales price
9.9. General administrative expenses in Russia
9.10. Summary of the financial part of the project
10. Technology of additional products
10.1. Oil seed plants
10.2. Non-alcoholic fruit drinks and syrups (for example, Hibiscus sabdariffa)
11. The Executive Summary of the project


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Senegal. Fatick

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Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: Initial growthThe partner: Joint venturePayback: 12 monthBusiness competition: Основной объём аналогичной продукции производится Audience: Частные инвесторы

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