Operating Agricultural Complex (included production) for Sale, Ukraine


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Operating Agricultural Complex (included production) for Sale, Ukraine

Total area of agro land – 600 ha (lease), expandable to 1,000 ha.
Total area of production Complex – 9,000 sq.m. (property).

Complex includes:

manufacture of canned foods:

   - workshops for processing agro crops and production of canned foods – 2,800 sq.m.;

   - workshop for drying – 1,300 sq.m.;

   - warehouses – 5,000 sq.m.;

   - supporting facilities (office, boiler room, compressor room, weigher, workshop with avto garages, other) – 3,100 sq.m.

number of staff – 70-300 (depending on season);accredited laboratory;machinery and equipment:

   - harvesters – 4 units;

   - tractors – 4 units;

   - lorries – 5 units;

   - cars – 3 units;

   - bus – 1 unit.

communications resources:

   - artesian wells – 110 cub.m./year;

   - power transmission lines;

   - power transformers – 20 kV;

   - gas of medium pressure;

   - drainage system.

Manufactured Products (canned): sweet corn, kidney beans, squash paste, green peas, cucumbers.

Sales of Products – contracts with wholesale retail networks of national scale.

Growing Agro Crops: wheat, oat, kidney bean, green peas, squash, cucumbers, sweet corn.

Characteristic location of agricultural complex:

highways – E 85, E 40;railway line – connected to the nationwide railway line;distance from the international airport – less than 150 km.

Planned development: expansion of assortment - canning mushrooms, tomatoes.

Purpose: for Sale

Price: upon request

€ 1.480.000


Ukraine, Lviv region

Project specialization


    Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: Initial growth
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