Opening a fitness studio with support from the world famous brand


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Opening a fitness studio with support from the world famous brand

At the end of last year, the total number of Power Plate studios around the world has exceeded 5000. Number of studios grows exponentially. For example, during the month of November alone last year in the Russian Federation representative was discovered more than a hundred studios Fitness Power Plate.

For new owners of studios, we offer complete solutions related to marketing and organizational structure. Our franchise program offers not only the instructions for opening the business, but advertising support, as well as the possibility of high-quality training.

"I have paid for their investments in the opening of Studio Power Plate ® (including rental of premises, equipment and other expenses) for a few months - says the dealer from the city of Nizhnekamsk Natalia Nikolskaya. - In the studio, do not just residents of Nizhnekamsk, and other nearby cities. In the near future I plan to open another studio - Naberezhnye Chelny. "

The entrance fee provides:

A. The right to use the brand Power Plate.
Two. Consulting support.
Three. Supply of Power Plate equipment on favorable terms.
4. Recommendations for placement of equipment and layout of the room.
Five. Advertising support (models signage, posters, information sheets, booklets).
6. Recommendations for a local advertising campaign.
7. Placing information on the site powerplate.ru.
Eight. Training of personnel with the issuance of certificates (manager, fitness instructor).
9. The system of internal accounting (customer cards, season tickets).
10. Accounting system customers.
11. Job descriptions and the description of the actions of every employee studio.
12. Features of accounting.
13. Features of interaction with checking organizations (SES Gospozhnadzor, etc.).

Corporate standards in choosing the location of the salon:
• High permeability.
• The city center and lively area.
• The first line of houses.
• Retail Class A
• Class A business centers
• Average household income of at least 25.000 rubles.
• Recommended area salon from 60 to 100 sq.m.
Communications: telephone, Internet, air conditioning, ventilation, (water, sewer optional).

Requirements for the area - from 60 to 100 square meters. m
The required number of employees - 8 people.
Royalties - n / a
Advertising charges - n / a

The advantages of the franchise program:
• your own business, but under the name of the famous and the most fashionable brand in the field fitness services;
• Low cost of entry into the business as compared to similar offerings on the market fitness services;
• assistance in the selection of premises for the studio.

We are ready to organize your business from scratch, our start-up group would hold the job of opening the studio with a key. Right tutelage of newly discovered points allow you to organize a monopoly in its region.

The basic training program at the Power Plate ®:
• Strength training.
• Stretching.
• Anti aging program.
• Anti cellulite.
• Relax.
• Correction of weight.
• Rehabilitation and reconstruction program after the injury.
For these and many other programs made up a special set of exercises.

Training on Power Plate ® are an integral part of training programs Virgin Active, Equinox, Fitness First, David Lloyd Leisure, and many other leading fitness and wellness clubs. On the Power Plate ® exercise Olympic teams of USA and China, the German national football team, Chelsea, Manchester United, Madonna, Sting, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and many other sports stars and show business.

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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): The buyer of the projectProject status: ExpansionThe partner: The distributor, the dealer, the distributor,resellerPayback: 6 month

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