Offer Innovation for investors and developers


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Offer Innovation for investors and developers

Offer to investors and developers a patented invention, which is a new solution for plumbing and appliances. Expand

When constructing new facilities, this invention allows to obtain additional free the area and the possibility of more rational design of which will increase by 2-10% or a total area of ??residential apartments and rooms, to increase the number of hotel rooms, etc.

Production of consumer goods justified the presence of a broad target audience of buyers, a significant export market and meeting the needs of consumers. This product is particularly relevant and practical for the markets of Ukraine, Russia and the CIS, Eastern Europe, Asia and all countries and cities with high population density. This innovation improves the living conditions of people and makes them more comfortable.

The commercial success of and demand for these products is obvious.

Production can be carried out a wide range of light industry enterprises.

Application areas - wherever plumbing is installed.

The product is simple to make and use.

I am the inventor and patent owner to the new utility model in Ukraine. Offered partnership for commercialization, investment, production, patenting in other countries and joint licensing producers on the Ukrainian and international markets.

Offers manufacturers a profit with this invention: to buy a license to manufacture, produce it and sell it.

Willing to discuss options for joint and mutually beneficial cooperation.


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23 June 2013
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