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Network sports clubs

We offer a universal framework of sports project, made with the use of architecture of synthetic fabric.

The design is a two-layered dome construction made of reinforced PVC material. The principle of operation of the design is based on outside air injection fan, which on admission inside the dome is divided into two streams. The first thread maintains the pressure inside the dome, which is slightly above atmospheric pressure, the second stream is directed into the space between the layers. The distance between the layers - 60 cm, thereby provide excellent thermal insulation properties.

A sports complex was designed as a single architectural structure, facility imeetodin floor with total area of ??1512 square meters. m of them are playing area 1296 sq ft

Two tennis courts 11 x 24 or 2 15 x 28 basketball, volleyball, or 3 x 18 9 or 1 handball 36 x 18, or two mini-soccer 36 x 18, 2 36 x 18 handball, badminton, or 4 x 6.10 area 13.4. Playground can also be distributed in four zones with mobile walls and used for other sports such as wrestling, martial arts, table tennis, health-building exercises and gymnastics and so on ...

Administrative and household premises 216 m2.

The main activity of the complex - the provision of services in the market of sports and recreation for a wide age and social range.

One of the priorities of this market is the command and direction of team sports. Currently, the commercial market of Ufa Sports is filled with mostly fitness services (fitness clubs), but only some of them provide a gaming area for tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc.

The cost of the first phase (first set), approximately 12 million rubles

payback period of 1-2 years.

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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: StartThe partner: Joint ventureAudience: Население ведущее активный образ жизни Вашему в
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23 June 2013
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