Mushroom plantation of a new generation


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Mushroom plantation of a new generation

Mushroom plantation of a new generation with characteristics significantly higher than all the existing mushroom production companies in the world.

Required investment: 50 million euros (possibly partial investment)

Payback: 1 year since the start of production (completion)

Annual profit (income minus expenses): more than the sum of initial investments

PBP: 1,85 years

IRR: 75,9%

MIRR: 55,2

Mushroom plantation built and operated by the developed technology protected by patents and knowledge of the form of know-how. The project has an extensive scientific base, a consequence of scientific work for 20 years.

Organizers - competent entrepreneurs with the creation of their business.

Scientific staff - formed a team of scientific and technical staff ready to work and maintenance of such a project

Investment Terms: credit, equity, shares, with a mandatory redemption.

Area of construction: the stage of selection.

Administration: Moscow

Summary of the project on demand.

Feasibility study on harmonization.

Will consider all proposals individually.


€ 50.000.000


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: StartPayback: 1 year
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26 June 2013
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