Mixed-use complex production and warehouse and office space.


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Mixed-use complex production and warehouse and office space.

"Business district" Hatezhino "

The territory of great possibilities!

Real estate - that's the best facility money investments!

That is why the Belarusian-Israeli JV "Lakus John" offers you to take part in completing the construction of a modern complex in the area 4.81 ha. 7 km. from the city of Minsk near the highway Minsk-Grodno, etc. Hatezhino.

Hatezhino - a large, rapidly growing community, which has a large investment attraction and a huge untapped potential, which will soon become part of Minsk.

Our complex includes a heated commercial, industrial, warehouse and administrative offices from the parking lot, grounds for reversal of cars and trucks.

We offer warehousing, manufacturing, retail, office premises, a hairdressing salon, pharmacy, cash settlement center, etc. in a modern two-storey building, taking into account individual needs of each customer.


Production and storage areas - from $ 485 per 1 m2.

Placed under refrigeration chambers - from $ 525 per 1 m2.

Small wholesale warehouse stores - from 545 $ per 1 m2.

Boxed warehouse stores - $ 685 per 1 m2.

Office space (14 m2) - from $ 695 per 1 m2.


Specifications subject:

Separate premises from 48 to 1500 m2

Ceiling Height: The first level - 4.4 m, the second level - 5.5 m

Masonry: prefabricated frame and sandwich panels

Number of floors: 2 floors (2nd floor has 3 sublevels)

Ramp is provided

The presence of fiber optics and telephone (2 fiber-optic telephone lines per 104 couples, the ability to transfer your phone number, city, Internet)

Convenient access

The presence of g / d branches in close proximity (3.5 km. From campus)

Heating (gas boiler)

Energy (total rated power consumption up to 1000 kW)

Water (cold and hot water plumbing connected to local networks of village Hatezhino)


Currently, 100% made devices and monolithic pile foundations, retaining walls and backfilling. The territory is provided with electricity and water supply.


Obviously, the monetary investment in the construction of this complex is a unique opportunity for you:

  • obtaining a legal address in the region with lower levels of tax (6%) exemption from payment of certain tax and other benefits in accordance with Decree № 9 from 20.12.2007g.)
  • construction and maintenance of warehouse, office and retail space is cheaper in comparison with those in the capital (up to 20% lower maintenance costs);
  • use of office space as additional to the main office in Minsk (offices, branches);
  • placement offices near the main consumer regions - Minsk (9 km. from the Metro Stone Hill);
  • organize the production in one place with the office, wholesalers, shops, parking;
  • organize trade, providing building materials, household goods, food products, services, etc. Minsk region and Minsk.

Currently d.Hatezhino commissioned three multi-family homes.The construction of two more apartment buildings. Also allocated 1500 plots for cottage development.

We offer you a unique opportunity to develop or build your business.

In this territory with surrounding settlements, where more than 10 000 people, today there are no pharmacies (the nearest is 9 km. From d.Hatezhino), rental, store non-food items, clothing, shoes, items of public services and so on ... and only a few examples for profitable investment of capital. Think about it! No competition! For those interested we have a more confidential information!

In addition, one must note that the Ring Road Project-2, the first phase of which is scheduled for completion by 2014, will be held in close proximity to the "business area" Hatezhino. " Distance to major highway in the future will be only 20 km away.! Caught between the main highways, the location of our complex will become even more attractive and profitable in terms of investment funds.

Thus, having paid only $ 485 per 1 m2, you will get not only the room in a modern complex in close proximity to the capital of one of the most important highway Minsk-Grodno, but also all the advantages of location in the region.


Cost of 1 sq.m. is only between $ 485 USD!

Completion date - I quarter of 2013.


Christmas and New Year discounts up to 10%!

The first 10 office rooms for the price of storage!


JV "Lakus John"

tel. Mob.: +375 29 368 80 92

tel / fax: +375 17 306 22 45

email: lacus.in @ gmail.com

skype: sq3ktor



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Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: StartBusiness competition: отсутствует

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05 May 2012
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