Mini-holiday house in the Crimea


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Ищем (семейная пара) инвестора-партнера для открытия и ведения гостиничного бизнеса в Крыму. Опыт в данном бизнесе есть.

Mini-holiday house in the Crimea

At the moment there is an offer: a site with a house in Sudak.

5.5 hectare plot (20x25), House Society. area - 140 sq m (8x8).

Sump 34 cube. m from the drainage system (septic), the well with clean water, distributing a gas, telephone, TV, Internet access (Wi-Fi).

Seismically resistant house. Material: rakushnyak, concrete.


1st floor: 4 rooms with bathrooms (boiler). Each room has 3 beds, coat hangers.

2nd floor: 4 rooms and a bathroom on the entire floor, without furniture.

Of course, we need reconstruction, redevelopment and ext. finish.

St-st for the house: 120 thousand dollars (discussed).

To the sea: 10-20 minutes walk (out of the embankment Sudak: beaches are clean, furnished, free of charge. Embankment stretches about 3 km.) Also near Waterpark, supermarket, bus stop in the center (the center of the foot for 10-20 minutes).

The owner is a club diving.

The structure is not legalized, but the docs at work, with the agreement of purchase, owners need a deposit of about 5 thousand dollars (to complete the paperwork on the structure).

Docs: state. act on ind. Hab. The structure is no problem for foreigners buying.

Making your site to the investor (if desired), but a treaty on sharing.

Profit: 70% of the investor, 30% - to us.

Under the embedding of 200-300 thousand dollars (depending on the number of rooms and land use, will discuss at the meeting.) Payback: 5-7 years. Maybe not as fast as might be desired, but the long-term project and a stable income as Despite the crisis, people are vacationing, rest and will relax.

Further, after the amount invested will be repaid, the profit 50/50.

Take over: complete business management, complete and timely report permanent location. Honesty, diligence, and development of the project.

Why Pike? We studied the different sides of the Crimea. Of course, the most advantageous location - this is the South Coast (Southern coast of Crimea: Alushta, Partenit, Gurzuf Yalta Alupka Gaspra Mishor, Simeiz ...), but there are very high real estate prices, including those on land.A south-east of the Crimea, and indescribably beautiful and is ideal for business: vacationers who come not only in summer but in autumn, winter and spring.

This section of the house there is a new townhouse area, near water park. The area is developing rapidly, invested money in the road. Also in the older areas of Sudak is a problem: it is an unpleasant smell is sewage, there is not. Area perspective. Near Bay Kapsel - Cape Meganom: for naughty holiday beach has a choice to your liking.

If this part of the house does not suit the area sold land, approximately 06.05 acres and all the price from 80 to 100 thousand dollars

There is an area of ??95 thousand dollars - to the sea 400 m (this part will require investments of about 300 thousand dollars, taking into account the purchase of land.) Also pay for itself in 5-7 years (about 17-20 rooms).

Of course, if the purchase of land (any), it is better now to have time to open in May next. year (season). Sudak also have a rule: all construction projects under way in mid-October until May, so as not to impede travel.

There is also a good offer: land, 7 km from Sudak, Cape Meganom, bay Kapsel, insanely beautiful wildlife, but there is little infrastructure, although fans of this holiday as much. This place is cheaper areas, ie and require less investment. Prices for recreation and a little cheaper than in the Sudak.

More information for interested parties in contact.


+38 098 558 46 63

+38 095 020 53 20

Molasses Alexander

€ 250.000



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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: Business ideaThe partner: The sponsorPayback: 5 yearBusiness competition: есть, здороваяAudience: средний класс

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