Mini guesthouse by the sea on 75 adults and 40 children's places


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Mini guesthouse by the sea on 75 adults and 40 children's places

A. 30-40 hectare plot of land at 100 -500 meters from the sea. Ukraine, Crimea, Saki reg in Evpatoria, smt. Cozy, pos. Dairy, pos. Storm, pos. Vitino, pos. Popovka, pos. The peace, the cape. Belyaus cape. Tarhankut. Priority: the proximity of the sea, the proximity communication.

Two. Construction:

First and foremost - residential housing: two-storey building with basement and attic, where - the first floor of 400 sq.m. with 15 rooms and 20 sq.m. (Room, balcony, toilet and shower) + 100 sq.m. corridor, hall, stairs - the second floor of 400 sq.m. with 15 rooms and 20 sq.m. (Room, balcony, toilet and shower) + 100 sq.m. corridor, hall, stairs - attic floor 300 sq.m. 5 rooms of 40 sq.m. (2 rooms, toilet and shower) + 100 sq.m. corridor, hall, stairs - basement Finnish sauna, Russian sauna, billiard room, fitness room, laundry, room service staff.

Second place - Cafe total area of ​​100 square meters with 80 square meters hall for a meal / banquet room and 20 square meters kitchen.

Third place - landscaping, a heated outdoor pool, an outdoor mini-water park, a bar, green areas, decorative tiles, gazebos, barbecue.

Price based on proximity to the pension communications, trimmings mid-market. Depending on the distance from the boarding house of communication, the wishes of finishing materials, use of renewable energy (windmills, solar panels, etc.) starting price may be different, but in the process of pension costs for servicing and maintenance can be significantly reduced (saving for future payments).

Total aggregate value of pension to 35 rooms (75 adults and 40 children), 600 - 700 000 $. Construction period - a calendar year (strictly).

Profitability of the project: The cost of boarding as a whole will only grow. Investment of money and business at the sea.

The cost of putting numbers on Jun (15), July-August-September (15): 90 days $ 100 * per day * 35 rooms = $ 315,000 (16) September-October: 45 days $ 50 * per day * (35 rooms * 50 %) = 39 $ 375 November-December-January-February: 120 days * $ 30 per day (35 rooms * 20%) = $ 25,200 in March, April and May-June (15): 105 days * $ 50 per day (35 rooms * 50%) = $ 91,875

Total: $ 471,450 a year in winter occupancy can be increased due to: corporate events, banquets, seminars, training events, putting saunas, baths, billiard room to rent. In winter, the occupancy will be 100% in the positioning of pension as a medical health (presence in the region, thermal springs, mud, skilled professionals, etc.)

Costs: $ 5,000 attendants + taxes $ 800 $ 1300 + utilities costs + $ 2000 in costs needed = $ 9100 per month * 12 = 109 200 $.

Income: $ 362,250 - expect a maximum price reduction (open dumping, do not include revenues from food, where at least 200% cheat, sauna and other related services).

After the introduction of the pension plan to arrange to rent a land plot is not directly on the shores of the Sea (20-30 acres), which will be located: - comfortable beach for guests boarding and services for other holidaymakers - Rescue Station (personal watercraft rentals, catamarans and the provision of other services for those who like extreme water recreation) - cafe, night club with a variety of programs entertain visitors. It is worth paying attention to this type of activity that will also help attract customers visiting the boarding house, as well as increase profits.

All activities will be conducted in collaboration with the Administration and the Association of Crimea, Saki, Business Group, which in turn will provide full support of the entire course of works, place of recruitment, purchase of land and the paperwork to the selection of personnel and training, site selection and other events the mandated targets.

€ 700.000


Украина/АР Крым

Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Extra financingProject status: Initial growthPayback: 2 year
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