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Company "Hey Vee Corporation" was founded in April 2007. From the first day the company has established itself as a company with burnorazvivayuschayasya excellent selection of professionals. In 2008-2009, the company has been the leading roles in the market of wholesale supplies of meat products. From April 2011 to actively promote its micro-credit company ("Migomdengi") individuals without collateral or guarantors. August 10, 2011 LLC "Hey Vee Corporation" received a license from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation under number 2110278000340 to carry out microfinance activities, according to the FZ-151. According to the license, Ltd. "Hey Vee Corporation" can officially attract investment, both physical and legal persons. At this stage of its development, the company has thousands of regular customers own database records unreliable borrowers and own software. To date, opened branches in the following cities: 1. Altai Territory, Rubcovsk  Central Office, 17 (stop clinic)  TC "Mary-ra", 58 (2nd floor)  TC "5 element" of Lenin, 85  TC "Mary-ra" Komsomolskaya, 126  Str. North, on February 12. Vyborg, st. Ushakov, on March 10. Moscow, Color Blvd d.19 office building 4 107 4. The Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, ul. Red Army, May 20. St. Petersburg  st. Rebellion d.47 (metro Chernishevskaya)  st. Esenina, 32 (metro Prospect Enlightenment)  Seaside Ave, 31B (metro Black River)  st. Utochkina, 1 (Metro Commandant Avenue), st. Bela Kun, 2, Bldg. 1

In 2014, the company plans to expand the geography of representative offices of microcredit in regions such as the Novgorod Oblast, Pskov Oblast, Republic of Karelia. To date, the company has 36 employees. By the trademark "In a flash the money." The company's slogan, "Quick. Reliably. Available. " During the period of the market to provide micro-loans company has developed and implemented:  Logo;  Software for back-office and office;  scheme of the offices and back-office;  Site.  Brand Guide. The prevailing level of interest rates and the well-honed technique of working with problem debt can fully compensate for the risks of non-repayment of debt.During his time (2 years) in the market by providing micro-loans to the population, the following indicators:

 The number of micro-loans granted - 17,000; 

The number of micro-loans repaid - 2000;

The number of long-acting micro-loans - 15,000;

Description of the current activity. The main activity of the company is to issue micro-loans to the following conditions: loan size from 1000 to 30 000, a multiple of 500 rubles. Borrowing period is from 1 to 15 days. Possibility of extension of an unlimited number of times the borrower's age from 18 to 65 years. A passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation with a permanent presence in the region registration offices Migomdengi.

On February 1, 2012, the company launched the program of franchising. To date, signed 8 contracts. There are plans to bring another 4 partners. Since March 2012, the company is engaged in consulting and outsourcing in the field of microfinance, providing services in the field of financial, legal and accounting consulting. In addition, the company offers services for client assessment and collection of debts. The company partners for outsourcing are more than 30 organizations. Also, at the offices of customers are able to issue the policy NPF "KIT Finance", make a money transfer to anywhere in the world and to insure movable / immovable property and liability. There are plans to issue prepaid cards to make loans in partnership with the processing center "KartStandart."

The financial condition of the company's assets consist of cash are currently in circulation, a registered trade mark offices and equipment issuing microloans.

Loans To date, the company has no outstanding loans.

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    12 February 2014
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