The creation of laboratory-pharmaceutical manufacturing complex


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The creation of laboratory-pharmaceutical manufacturing complex

On investment projects


(A brief summary)

Russian scientists in the early 70-ies, in the space medicine programs have been created original forms of medicinal products and medical supplies based on a special non-toxic copolymer, biologically compatible with living tissues. Further development of this issue led to the development of a unique film drugs for therapy and medical devices for surgery, no world equivalent of high therapeutic effectiveness.

Drugs containing gemostaticheskie, anti, anti, and other drugs is accurate dozirovok, prolonged exposure treatment as a result of occasional admission, high levels of biosecurity due to reduce to a minimum or no side effects and long (3 to 10 and more years ) Retention schedules. Alloplasticheskie biocompatible substitutes for bone and soft tissue created rassasyvayuschiesya implantable products in the form of films, plates, rods, glues, threads, penokompozitsy for trauma, orthopedics, neurosurgery, for operations in the soft tissues and organs.

In the hands of professionals have a new therapeutic tool with outstanding advantages over existing dosage products and medical supplies, programmable under certain medical and technical purposes, capable of high local concentrations of therapeutic and to achieve positive biochemical effects on the body, with 10-fold and a decrease in dose of the drug introduced.

Thus emerged one of the most promising emerging trends in modern pharmacology, using a unique set of physical, chemical and physical and mechanical characteristics of biocompatible polymer carriers, the possibility of modifications widely. The authors of the material has been shown to be a quarter-century ahead of his time, creating materials with an assured individuality, so far no world analogues.

Film preparations were, in fact, the original form bezigolnoy injections, providing admission to the exchange of the body of at least 85-90% of medicinal substances in the same condition. Their emergence has been developed almost a new way of transporting medicines into the body through the mucous membranes surface directly into the bloodstream and limfotok, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and the effect of the first passage through the liver. This is a fundamental change in many medical treatment intractable diseases.

High therapeutic properties of these products and drugs officially verified not only on Earth, for example treating thousands of patients, but also in space, during the long flight crews of space stations and ships «world», «East», «Appolon-Soyuz».

The process of undergoing extensive clinical trials in the USSR and the beginning of the implementation of state programs to implement inventions completed by the end of the 80-ies. The collapse of the Soviet Union put an end to the creation of new pharmaceutical enterprises based on these technologies. As a result of past privatization invention became the property of the developers who created his private company Copyright Merger «Inpolimed».

Currently, developers and owners of technologies have begun to implement in Moscow and Swiss pharmaceutical investment project for scientific and industrial holding company «Inpolimed-SIC» for the commercialization of inventions and completed the establishment of new development that has undoubtedly broad therapeutic and commercial prospects.

Realized investment commercial project, intended to organizers, formed as a private pharmaceutical company, to which equally by 50% to 50% of shares (shares) will be made by the Russian developers and investors. In doing so, the investor will make Ltd. «Inpolimed-SIC» money necessary and sufficient for the project, and developers deliver the same amount of intellectual property (technologies, patents, know-how, etc.), officially valued by independent experts.

It is anticipated that created the company further on a contractual basis will be transferred in full not only of all intellectual property created during the development of this area (over 250), but also outstanding design and conceptual design.

The authors of inventions continue their work in scientific and laboratory center OOO «Inpolimed-SIC» as a leading researcher on the basis of long-term contracts.

The main thrust of the Company will be:

  • wholesale trade through the traditional pharmaceutical market produced medicines and medical products based on biocompatible polymers, as well as through the formation of the terms of institutional customers and production orders;
  • the sale of licenses to existing intellectual property;
  • creation of joint productions with foreign partners;
  • providing technical assistance in the development of transferred technology on a commercial basis;
  • Further development of the ideology of biocompatible polymer in medicine and pharmaceutics;
  • development of new types of drugs and medical devices, including orders for third-party pharmaceutical companies;
  • Organization of the laboratory and extensive clinical trials designed objects, as well as testing new products of other companies on a commercial basis;
  • participation in international health programs, including through international organizations;
  • Ensuring, through the Swiss branch of the Company under the grant develop scientific OOO Inpolimed-SRC.
  • patenting of new developments in Russia and abroad;
  • as well as other activities.

The creation of laboratory-pharmaceutical manufacturing complex «Inpolimed-SIC», plans organizers of the project, including the validation of equipment, facilities certified to GMP standards and the issuance of four batches of products installation should be completed within 24-26 months from the commencement of investment funds.

However, the first revenue from the company, primarily from sales through licensing agreements, technology and other means, possibly predict for the six months since the start investing.

With the active work on technologies from abroad and carry out the orders of pharmaceutical companies to create a film forms produced by substances, the return of investment in project is feasible can be implemented before the start of the line manufacturing complex company and started serial production of pharmaceuticals and medical products, so f. before the expiry of 26 months from the beginning of investment.

SF Mikhailov
Project Coordinator «Inpolimed-SIC


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