Manufacture of jewelery


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Manufacture of jewelery

The investment project "Production and sale of jewelry" Star of Asia ""

1.Rezyume project

1. Name and initiator of the project - "Star of Asia», Gorodnichev Co. LTD.

2. Scope - Manufacture and sale of jewelry

3. The stage of the project - Expansion of business

4. Place localization - Thailand / Bangkok (manufacture)

5. The amount of required investment - $ 1 000 000

6. Availability of equity / assets - At this point in the equipment invested $ 400,000, open salon Sales in Pattaya, which invested $ 70 000. In the current assets now $ 170,000

7. The total payback period of 18-24 months

8. The required period for the project - The project is already being implemented. The funds will be immediately placed in the business. After 6 months of receiving the investment will begin selling collections

9. Experience - combined experience in this area of ​​the initiator of the project: 17 years. Experience jeweler designer for 17 years. Of these, 7 years of work - manufacturing of exclusive jewelry to order. During this time, participation in 4 jewelry exhibitions. Due to the increase in the volume of orders - the opening of the company to manufacture: jewelry, brass casting (interior), galvanic production (icons). The company participated in 15 exhibitions in all were awarded with diplomas and awards. In Russia, the company participated in the "arcade" We have made a prize at the World Championship in Russian billiard ("Palmira Palace", Yalta). A large number of products were manufactured in a single item and is in private collections. Companies worked 5 years. Economic and political situation of the country made it impossible to develop the world market, which led to the development of Asia and the East

10. Number of founders (owners) - 2 individuals

2.1. The aim of the project - to create a large-scale production of jewelry in Thailand, which will focus on the production of exclusive collections of class "luxury" products which will be sold both through partners and in their own networks for the implementation of jewelry in Asia, UAE and CIS.

2.2.Relevance and prospects of the project confirmed the absolute uniqueness of the product itself. Our product has no analogue, the business was created by a professional jeweler 17ti with years of experience and his own style of the Master. In addition to collections of Master in our production, we can make products to order in an exclusive version. Photos of products and designs can be viewed "Presentations" and "product catalog", they are attached to the project. Promising projects that jewelry market is oversaturated with "standard" products, the product of our format attracts the attention of visitors and significantly stands out from the mass-market products. Our experience and organization of production make it possible to create a product that is not currently in the market, low cost is achieved through their own production and direct procurement from suppliers of raw materials. All products - is a unique solution and refined style.

2.3. General description of the project: the essence of the project is to create and expand the company's "full cycle: the whole process of development, creation, production and sale of jewelery class" luxury "is produced by the company itself. The process of production and marketing is divided into the following steps: • On the initiative of the customer or designer creates a sketch • Specialist picks all necessary materials • The company's specialists outline sketch and create a 3D model of the product to make products • • The process of implementation through the network or the sale to the customer for the principle of exclusivity in products where applicable wood and original stones, make use of other companies specializing in the extraction and processing of precious and rare wood.

2.4. The main directions of our product positioning in the market: the main positioning is the uniqueness of our product, which is justified: • Stage of development - in our company only own masters and designers.We develop products customized for the client or on their own wizard-style, which has no analogues • Production - our own production capacity jewelry. Raw materials are purchased at low prices directly from the producers of raw materials, all of which can improve product quality and lower its cost. • Implementation - currently we have our own point of realization that are in Thailand, as well as the agreements reached and managers who are engaged in the sale of our products in Asia and the United Arab Emirates. It is planned to launch the direction of the CIS • Our product is always interesting and valuable for consumers: firstly, we produce products created their own capabilities: exclusive design, materials, manufacturing. Some products are used stones, limited to the sale and have a special collector's value, we will not differ cheapness, we are different style of luxury and unique design for connoisseurs of fine jewelry. The whole world sells similar products, we also offer the market something special (exclusive).

2.5. The main markets we consider markets in Asia, UAE and CIS. Our customers are people with high incomes who can not afford "not to count the money" and buy unique, exclusive and expensive high in Thailand and the UAE as customers will be attracted both tourists and locals. In Hong Kong will only wholesale and deployed a network of jewelry stores. Separate line of sales - a work on custom. Separate sales channel will be online: will be launched online portal where you can get to know our products and to order existing products, or to order the production of individual or even his own sketches. The tourist season in Asia and the United Arab Emirates last at least 8 months, which gives excellent marketing opportunities.

2.6.The main difference of our company from the competition is unique in all stages of development and creation of products: a unique architectural design, made to order (up to the customer's own sketches), a unique production technology, rare stones, a special approach to the treatment of materials, exclusive sales network products, interaction with potential customers in different regions, the opportunity to promote and sell the collections via the Internet. A similar set of unique features allow us to win the competition on the luxury end of the market.

2.7. The project is under active implementation: set up and run a full cycle of creation, production and sales. Investment resources will be used to expand the production and manufacture of new collections.

2.8. At the moment, reached an agreement for the supply of products online jewelry stores in Thailand and the UAE. At the moment they are - oral, at the level of the cooperation agreement. These agreements are reached at the level of business owners, there is lobbying of these agreements, and in power. Once our company is ready to cover their needs in output, will sign an agreement on cooperation.

2.9.The main risks of the project and measures to reduce them are:

• Market risk: minimal, since there is a worldwide trend to increased demand for jewelry class "luxury", in addition, many consider the purchase of such products as a profitable investment because of the global growth

• The risk of reduction in demand: the risk mitigated by diversifying markets • External risk: the activity is absolutely legal, markets in the said territory - developed;

• The risk of reducing the price of competitive products: carrying out of actions envisaged to reduce the cost inherent rate of return allows for seasonal and holiday sales, inherent level of profitability and a unique collection - sufficient conditions to win the "price war";

• Raw material risk (disruptions in the supply of raw materials): this type of activity requires stable relationships with suppliers of raw materials, there are several world leaders in the sale of raw materials, also provides for participation in the auction for the purchase of gold and precious stones;

• Internal risk: the company has a sufficient number of specialists for the implementation of this project, the company has grown a team of employees who are interchangeable and profitable complement each other

• Technical risks: minimized, because it uses proven technology and attract professionals to perform each of the tasks

• Risks of capital investments: managed initiators of the project laid the rate of return sufficient to cover possible risks associated with changes in the cost of project resources, the price of the product includes the cost of the increased coverage

2.10. After obtaining investment capital project will be implemented in the following stages:

2.10.1. In the first place to start in work ready sketches of the author's collection of Masters

2.10.2. In the next step will start the process of developing new sketches based on the amount of investment and the expected startup of production orders and sales network Production collection of products takes approximately 3-5 months.

2.10.3.Once the products are made, they will be implemented through its own sales outlets and through implementing partners.

2.10.4. In parallel, to be handled online orders and manufacture individual drawings

2.10.5. The launch of two outlets in Dubai and Bangkok

2.10.6. Expand production capacity 3. Feasibility Study:

2.1. The investment needed - $ 1000000. These funds are needed for the expansion of our company. The funds raised will be used for the creation and production of a new collection of class "luxury", which will be exhibited and sold at an exhibition in Hong Kong, as well as the production and placement of products in 20 stores in Dubai and Bangkok. This investment will increase the company's market share, increase sales and improve the attractiveness of the project for all parties.

2.2. The purpose of using attracted investments: these funds will be used for the purchase of raw materials (gold, precious stones at world market prices at the date of purchase, which is totally liquid asset) for the manufacture of jewelery and measures for its further implementation

2.3. The average yield of already implemented projects in this sector - 100% for wholesale and retail 200%. Business is highly profitable, increasing profitability is directly related to the amount of working capital. Usual for such projects is the final cost of the product realization: plus 100-200% of the cost of the product. This is - a standard benefit for projects in this area in the world market. At the same time, depending on the marketing efforts, the yield on the part of the collection can be increased to 500%.

2.4. At the moment, our production has the necessary facilities for the production of 10-15 kg of products per month, the total revenue from the sale of which is $ 500 000 - $ 800 000. This output is provided by the production process and a team of professionals who are willing to carry out projects level "luxury"

2.5.Total profits of 100-200% of the cost of products sold, which will cover all the necessary expenses of the company and meet its obligations to the investor

2.6. Additional costs this business does not involve. All means necessary in this project are laid in the cost of the product without loss of yield

2.7. Constant monthly expenses per month are carried out at its own expense initiators of the project, additional investment of resources is required.

link to the presentation of the project in PDF format - "Presentation"

link to the catalog of finished products - "Product Catalog"

€ 1.000.000




Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: Initial growthPayback: 18 monthBusiness competition: ПрисутсвуетAudience: Азия и ОАЭ

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