manufacture of fishing baits, lures seeks investor


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manufacture of fishing baits, lures seeks investor


We have developed a unique, in its simplicity, the production technology of the six different types of fishing bait. Designed and ordered a colorful and practical package.

You can read on our website www.nasadki.net

In simple numbers: the cost of the finished package bait ranges from 18 to 25 rubles. depending on the species.

We sell it at a price of 50 to 60 rubles per pack in opte for shops. Profit of about 120%. Retail price from 90 to 120 rubles per kilogram. Retail price of its main competitors 100-170 750-850 rubles per gram package.

For some species there are queues, but we can not now make the necessary parties as financially exhausted ... And time is not wasted, but inexorably running ...

The strategy quickly to a large market is extremely simple:

We have such a valuable resource as the farm to the laboratory and the maggots have contact with almost all the fishing shops surrounding region and beyond.

The problem with many shops of the country is the lack of normal refrigerators and free resources for the owners of these businesses. In every store nearby major regional center (Voronezh, Kursk, Orel, etc. to Moscow and beyond) can be set up thank you (of course, without rent) based on the contract for the sale of products branded cooler of no more than 300-370 liters .

Overstock it with their products sensitive to temperature mode - 2 types of laboratory fishing maggots in nine colors each.

We can produce 300 liters (or 19,500 ready-branded cans) maggots daily.

The cost of finished banks: 5 rubles. unpainted maggots and 5.14 rubles. - painted in any of the 9 colors.

Sell ​​shopping for 12 rubles. for a jar of undyed, 14 rubles. - Color, 15 rubles. - "Mix" - a mixture of 9 colors. Profit of more than 120%. Retail price, respectively, by species, the national average of 30, 35 and 40 rubles for a bank.

19,500 cans of ready * 8.5 rubles. net income per day = 165,750 net profit for grubs under full load production.

Installation of refrigeration cabinets solve the problem of competitive advantage:

Everything! ..You put the refrigerator with the products, and still the owner of the store did not have to spent on the purchase and delivery of products (we do them once a week was brought and set up, hung up posters advertising, etc.). That's it! and the problem of the storage and solved forever! Refrigerators can be insured (low poly).

Delivery of products is a fishing partner stores will be its own service delivery.

On top of that in each of these, but you can not then, (who - would refuse, if you're a cool product for sale brought - is spent on its purchase should not only sell and take your 80-100% of the retail margin trading), we place all the six types of bait.

As practice in one shop in Belgorod (mediocre) are sold in packages of 60-70 week our bait in a not very decent package.

Buy it, by the way, again - those who have tasted her lovely fishing quality.

This figure!

Thus, in a small shop sells a month on average 300 kg. our bait in the old packaging.

In the regional centers such as Kursk, Voronezh and Belgorod, on average there are 25-30 shops for fishermen (Lists and addresses of shops in some of the surrounding cities in separate enclosures). Thus it is easy to calculate the potential size of the market. After all, in every store you can imagine and sell their products!

In summary:

(25 (shops in the city, on average) * 300 kg per month) * 10 regions of minimum = 75 tonnes of bait sold in a month. Earnings per tonne of at least 25 thousand rubles each.

And we get, covering 10 towns -1.9 million rubles of net profit per month for bait (or almost 12 million rubles. Per season in six months!)

Believe me - it is the least! We expect the numbers twice - three higher than this!

Ponder figure - POTENTIALLY IN RUSSIA 14,000 cities!

And nearly 4 million per month net profit by maggots, if we can implement in all these cities, of our production.

All suppliers of raw materials, components, equipment - defined. With all the contacts established and perfected.

Consolidated net income may be 6-12 million rubles a month!

€ 300



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    Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Loan secured by the projectProject status: ExpansionPayback: 12 monthBusiness competition: Невысокая

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