Low-rise housing complex, "Eco-Town"


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Low-rise housing complex, "Eco-Town"

Low-rise housing complex "Eco - town" - one of the best suburban residential complexes in Novosibirsk and the FNL.

Location 43 km from downtown Novosibirsk on the highway M51, the settlement. Chick. Federal highway speed without traffic jams, easy access and ecology Kochenevskogo area - the success of the project, living comfort of its residents. The village embodies all the achievements of the modern individual building, the use of advanced materials and technologies, infrastructure and comfort.

The total area of ??the village of 73 ha, the number of households - 470.

Dimensions 27h37 m sections, cut to 10 hectare. Location of houses in compliance with architectural standards and regulations. Full range of construction to the commissioning of "turnkey". Own management company, operating round the clock service.

€ 3.500.000



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Project type: Renewal of circulating capitallType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: Initial growthPayback: 3 year
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23 June 2013
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