Looking for an investor in the Construction of residential complex


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Looking for an investor in the Construction of residential complex

Our company offers you to invest a draft multi-storey residential complex.

Offered promising land for construction in close proximity to all necessary utilities This project is a development on the area 0.6 hectares, four houses,

Our project will bring you from 20.5% of the profits.

Pluses of our project:

1. commercially advantageous location of building land;

2. the possibility of further development;

3. attractive price for ucheastok;

4. All communications and networks are in close proximity;

5. footage of apartments from 26 to 30 square meters;

Monitoring of the new housing market.

Cost of 1 square meter varies from builder:

1-room apartment with a rough finish - 500. up to $ 850 per square meter.

Fine finishing turnkey - from 800. up to $ 1300 per square meter.

Based on the above prices for the real estate market, we can conclude on the average cost of 1 square meter is about $ 800. Profit from the investment amount will be between 20.5%, may increase profitability through more efficient use of land, respectively, with large investments.

€ 1.970.000


Р. Молдова Муниципии КИШИНЁВ, Бубуеч


Project status: StartPayback: 18 month
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